Does It Pay To Become a Telecom Reseller?

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The telecom business is booming. In 2023, the market will be valued at $21.5 billion. The introduction of 5G technology and increased demand for high-speed data services have propelled global telecommunications, ranking it among the fastest-growing industries. Now is the ideal time to be a telecom reseller. 

The desire for better, faster, more reliable digital applications and services is not slowing down. Wireless networks provide reduced latency and high-speed connections to ensure smooth remote conferencing, rapid information sharing, and seamless virtual collaboration regardless of location. With an increasingly remote workforce, these features aren’t luxuries or conveniences but are critical to business success. White labeling an established, robust Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) platform is how you can expand your business cost-effectively and provide industry-leading service that increases your profits.

What Does It Mean To Be a Telecom Reseller?

Telecommunications enables the sharing of voice, data, and video electronically. In other words, it is the lifeblood of any business today. Telecommunications or telecom allows businesses to free themselves from a brick-and-mortar office model, expand to different states, regions, or countries, and interact easily with customers across the globe. However, it requires a provider to make this type of communication possible. 

Reselling telecom services, also known as white labeling, is much easier than you might think. White labeling means you can offer a stable VoIP solution under your brand. You don’t have to start from scratch but instead get to leverage the investment, technology, and expertise of an established industry provider. In fact, choosing the right provider with best-in-class support allows you to succeed as a reseller without prior telecom experience. 

How Does Becoming a Telecom Reseller Benefit Your Business?

If you are considering the benefits of reselling VoIP telecom services, you likely already recognize the advantages the end user gains from this technology. You may not fully understand how offering this service can transform your business. You may not even realize it doesn’t require a considerable capital outlay to get started. Let’s look at how becoming a UCaaS reseller can benefit your brand.

Low Startup Investment

When you decide to become a white-label UCaaS reseller, one of the advantages to your business is the low startup fees. Unlike other business expansions, you don’t have to invest capital in new infrastructure, additional space, or hefty franchise fees. 

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You don’t have to build a new, highly skilled (and highly paid) technology team to support your VoIP telecom offerings. By choosing the right provider that enables you to onboard in as little as 30 days and provides flexible and affordable pricing options, you can offer your clients 99.999% platform uptime and top-tier support without going into debt or spending your precious cash reserves.

High Margins

Your cost to leverage a high-quality UCaaS solution impacts your profit margin. When you select a provider that offers leading-edge features and high reliability with tiered pricing options to fit your budget, you can significantly increase your return on investment. By starting with an affordable solution, you can pass on those savings to your clients to stay ahead of the competition while realizing a healthy profit. 

Competitive Advantage

As a smaller-sized managed service provider (MSP), value-added reseller (VAR), or systems integrator, it can be challenging to rise above the competition. Reselling telecom services gives your brand a competitive advantage by empowering your clients with larger telecom providers’ services. You can fully embrace the unique, personalized service that being a smaller business gives your clients while providing them the in-demand services that the larger players in the industry offer.

Leading-Edge Technology

The technology landscape is changing rapidly, and industries everywhere are adopting new strategies based on capabilities provided by emerging trends. The need for sophisticated detection and rapid response to digital threats makes cybersecurity a primary concern of every industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay and can provide a host of opportunities for businesses. Robust, dependable, high-speed telecom services make these technological advances possible for your clients, increase customer value, and make your brand synonymous with innovation. 

Increased Service Offerings

If you already provide IT services to your clients, becoming a telecom reseller is an excellent way to expand your service offerings and strengthen your brand. Companies everywhere seek to optimize their operations to increase efficiency and reduce overhead. 

By giving them a single platform for all their communications needs, from phone services to text, chat, virtual meetings, document collaboration, and much more, they eliminate the need for training their workforce on multiple disparate applications while increasing productivity. Since they already trust you as a provider, this additional service only enhances your business value. 

Customer Loyalty

When you become a telecom reseller, you can offer high-quality technology solutions for your clients. As more businesses migrate to internet-enabled communications, you can not only hold onto those customers who would otherwise switch to your competitors but access a whole new pool of potential clients.

Finding the Best Telecom Wholesale Partner

An essential factor in becoming a successful telecom reseller is finding a platform provider that simplifies your work. When you partner with a trusted provider, you have access to a group of professionals whose expertise you can draw on. If your customers have any questions or problems, you can ask your provider for help since they know the tech and services.

If you choose a reputable telecom provider, you can save time and money by utilizing their tools at an affordable price. With this partner working for you, you can focus on more critical tasks, such as growing your business and providing premium customer service to your current users.

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It is only natural that the supply of these services is just as high as the demand. You can find several features in the best provider on the market, and you can check them out below to avoid settling for less.

White Labeling

Premium providers offer UCaaS solutions under a white-label brand to help businesses create brand value and build customer loyalty. Resellers are more successful and stay part of the program because recurring revenue allows them to make more meaningful relationships with end-users.

Business SMS

Your clients can reach their audience more effectively and reliably with business SMS, the next generation of marketing and customer service tactics. Ensure your candidate partners’ white-label ecosystem lets you deploy Business SMS texting and Business MMS using the same backend technology that drives their advanced business platform.

Video Collaboration

Video conferencing must be reliable and secure for your customers. Your partner should offer an easy-to-use experience. Verify if their white-label video conferencing solution includes real-time, cloud-based collaboration applications such as web conferencing, audio and video conferencing, remote access, and webinars.


Does your potential partner have an SD-WAN add-on feature? In addition to providing consistent VoIP policies, this functionality will allow you to offer secure VoIP transactions and bandwidth shaping and help with WAN failover. You can monitor, manage, and troubleshoot your customers’ networks within a single interface.

Call Center and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Consider whether your partner can provide carrier-class call center services to any business. With the CCaaS solution, users can enjoy high-quality experiences without significant investments. As a telecom reseller, this product would be an excellent value-added service you can offer.

Fax Solutions

Using a virtual fax solution, you can confidently replace your customers’ analog fax machines. A modern cloud fax solution uses store-and-forward fax servers to eliminate issues associated with VoIP faxing. If you partner with the right provider, your clients can receive and send messages quickly and intuitively, making it easy for you to sell.

Enhanced Microsoft Teams 

Your provider must offer a unique and innovative tool for connecting their platform to Microsoft Teams so that you can get the full benefit of the partnership for your clients. This solution lets your customers have a unified collaboration, messaging, and calling option. Additionally, you can make it yours by branding the portal, emails, and knowledge base with your company identity.

QoS Monitor

Only with a leading provider can you meet your customers’ quality of service expectations. Latency, jitter, and network congestion can affect the quality of service in customer networks, at the boundary between networks, and within ISP networks. Maintaining your network’s health with monitoring and diagnostic tools offered by your provider should be easy.

Mobile or Desktop Softphone

If your clients want to enable their mobile workforce, you can assist them by providing white-label softphones with your company’s branding. With this modern solution, they can access their business phone number via an app on their smartphones. It allows them to use enterprise-level voice features, such as extension dialing and transfers, without using their phone numbers or sitting at a desk.

Increase Your Profits and Strengthen Your Brand by Becoming a Telecom Reseller

Business owners know that the way to attract new clients and retain a loyal customer base is to provide high-quality products or services in high demand. You exponentially increase your brand value when your offerings enable other companies to operate efficiently and safely with nearly 100% uptime. You rapidly increase your profits when you partner with an established telecom provider with flexible and affordable options for your white-label UCaaS service offerings. 

SkySwitch is a premier provider of a fully managed, white-label UCaaS platform that allows telecom resellers, MSPs, ISPs, and agents to provide their next-generation communications technology clients’ demand without building the infrastructure and support network from scratch. Get started today with the next step to grow your business and strengthen your brand.