Does It Pay to Become a Telecom Reseller?

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Telecom Reseller: A Necessary Role in Pandemic Times

Are you an IT or telecommunications consultant who advises companies of all sizes? If so, more and more of your clients may be asking about advanced services that enable them to migrate to the cloud and modernize their communications. While that may sound appealing to you to become a telecom reseller, you may be asking yourself: is it worthwhile?

Instead of simply replying “yes,” it is more effective to explain why the pandemic made this role not only positive for different industries but also necessary. Data and facts from McKinsey reflect this reality across many sectors.

  • With Covid-19, activities that require large amounts of bandwidth, such as remote learning, gaming, and videoconferencing, have all exploded, and this trend will likely continue.
  • Approximately half of companies anticipate an increase in migration of their digital assets to the cloud, creating demand among operators and adjacent value pools. 
  • There is also customer-backed disruption, as digital-native companies such as Uber and Netflix set new standards for seamless online experiences after the pandemic hit, causing established companies to adapt to the new paradigm. 
  • Technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) disrupt business models and redefine how value is captured and delivered. 
  • Many newcomers have disrupted the value chain, resulting in value shifting to technology-focused parts: Software-defined networking in wide area networks (SD-WAN), software as a service (SaaS), and over the top (OTT).

These transformations suggest that it is only natural that all companies late to digitalization are accelerating their process, which is why telecommunications can be an excellent starting point for updating and modernizing operations. You can leverage being a telecom reseller as a straightforward, cost-effective, and agile way to implement cutting-edge services with your client base.

The following sections explain some advantages of this model and why finding an ideal partner is essential.

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Why Is Becoming a Telecom Reseller Beneficial to Your Business?

Recent data reveals 50% of small-medium-sized enterprises have deployed cloud-based communications systems. This niche is excellent for consultants, especially small, local managed service providers (MSPs) and value-added resellers (VARs). If this is your profile and you are ready to take part in this demand, keep reading the benefits you can reap when you become a telecom reseller. 

A broader range of services

If you already provide IT or telecommunications services to a trusted client base, you are in an excellent position to become a telecom reseller. These businesses are most likely seeking technologies to increase worker productivity and enable communications for people who work remotely or in hybrid settings. This allows you to encourage your customers to transition to newer, more current technologies by offering your telecom solutions as part of a bundle.

Low technical requirements for easy start-up

Partnering with a reputable wholesale provider is the most straightforward way for your company to become a telecom reseller. Your partner will give you the technology and support, and you will leverage your selling and marketing skills. By knowing how to reach your customer base and convince them to acquire an updated telecom service from your company, you’ll go a long way.

Brand-new revenue stream

Joining a reseller program can help establish your business as a trusted brand in telecom services more rapidly, especially if you run an independent IT consulting or telecom business. By partnering with a provider or operator who offers quality training and support to your team, you can assure that your new clients will receive excellent service.

Increased customer retention

Your company will benefit from becoming a telecom reseller by gaining access to an in-demand product, expanding its services, gaining a competitive edge, and satisfying customers’ needs, thus ensuring their loyalty.

Simply put, when you become a telecom reseller, you can offer and seamlessly set up high-quality technology solutions for your clients. As more businesses migrate to Internet-enabled communications, you can hold onto those customers who would otherwise switch to your competitors.

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Finding the Best Telecom Wholesale Partner

As mentioned above, the most important factor in becoming a successful telecom reseller is finding a platform provider that simplifies your work. When you partner with a trusted provider, you have access to a group of professionals whose expertise you can draw on. If your customers have any questions or problems, you can ask your provider for help since they know the tech and services.

If you choose a reputable telecom provider, you will be able to save time and money by utilizing their tools at an affordable price. When you have this partner working for you, you can focus on more important tasks, such as growing your business and providing premium customer service to your current users.

It is only natural that the supply of these services is just as high as the demand. You can find several features in the best provider on the market, and you can check them out below to avoid settling for less.

White labeling

Premium providers offer UCaaS solutions under a white label brand to help businesses create brand value and build customer loyalty. Resellers are more successful and stay part of the program because recurring revenue allows them to make more meaningful relationships with end-users.

Business SMS

Your clients can reach their audience more effectively and reliably with business SMS, the next generation of marketing and customer service tactics. Make sure your candidate partners’ white label ecosystem lets you deploy Business SMS texting and Business MMS using the same backend technology that drives their advanced business platform.

Video collaboration

Video conferencing must be reliable and secure for your customers. Your partner should offer an easy-to-use experience. Verify if their white-label video conferencing solution includes real-time, cloud-based collaboration applications such as web conferencing, audio and video conferencing, remote access, and webinars.


Does your potential partner have an SD-WAN add-on feature? In addition to providing consistent VoIP policies, this functionality will allow you to offer secure VoIP transactions and bandwidth shaping, as well as to help with WAN failover. You can monitor, manage, and troubleshoot your customers’ networks within a single interface.

Call center and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

You should consider whether your partner can provide carrier-class call center services to any type of business. With the CCaaS solution, users can enjoy high-quality experiences without making significant investments. As a telecom reseller, this product would be an excellent value-added service you can offer.

Fax solutions

Using a virtual fax solution, you can replace your customers’ analog fax machines with confidence. A modern cloud fax solution uses store-and-forward fax servers to eliminate issues associated with VoIP faxing. If you partner with the right provider, your clients can receive and send messages easily and intuitively, making it very easy for you to sell.

Enhanced Microsoft Teams 

Your provider must offer a unique and innovative tool for connecting their platform to Microsoft Teams so that you can get the full benefit of the partnership for your clients. Offering this solution allows you to provide your customers with a unified collaboration, messaging, and calling option. Additionally, you can make it yours by branding the portal, emails, and knowledge base with your company identity.

QoS monitor

Only with a leading provider can you meet the quality of service expectations all your customers have. Latency, jitter, and network congestion can affect the quality of service in customer networks, at the boundary between networks, and within ISP networks. It should be easy for you to maintain your network’s health with monitoring and diagnostic tools offered by your provider.

Mobile or desktop softphone

If your clients want to enable their mobile workforce, you can assist them by providing white-label softphones with your company’s branding. They can access their business phone number via an app on their smartphones with this modern solution. It allows them to take advantage of enterprise-level voice features, such as extension dialing and transfers, without using their personal phone numbers or sitting at a desk.


Using our quote-to-cash application, you can make a quote using products directly from our billing system. Our system automatically creates an account shell when your customers click on the quote. Don’t worry about costly provisioning. Don’t worry about human errors, either. You’ll just improve your cash flow and time to close. It pays to become a telecom reseller with us!

Do all of these features, plus the convenience of working with a reliable and knowledgeable partner, sound good to you? Our mission at SkySwitch is to help resellers like you grow their revenue and businesses. 

SkySwitch is a white-label telecom provider that lets you market your own services to existing and potential customers. SkySwitch also lets you offer telecom solutions under your brand’s name, which will make your revenue go up. With SkySwitch, you get effortless control over customer relationships and attractive commissions. Get started today.