WebCentrex Feature Preview: Voicemail Transcription


One of the best aspects of the SkySwitch White-Label PBX platform model is that hosted PBX Resellers automatically get access to the latest Unified Communications features without doing a thing.   At SkySwitch, we work hard to develop, test and deploy system upgrades so that our Resellers don’t have to.

One such feature that we are very excited about, voicemail transcription, will be available in the next release of our WebCentrex platform, expected in September 2015.

Voicemail transcription is part of the WebCentrex voicemail-to-email capability.  Once enabled, voicemail audio files are sent to a speech recognition service for processing, then transcribed text is returned and attached to the email that is sent to a User, along with the original audio file.

Although transcription accuracy can be negatively affected by background noise or poor connections, sometimes resulting in text that may sound like the original speech when pronounced phonetically, our internal testing has shown the capability to be a phenomnal productivity booster.

Resellers can enable Voicemail Transcription at the Domain level.

If enabled for the a Domain, an Office Manager or End User may choose to activate this feature.

Users who have the transcription option enabled will receive an email containing the transcription, along with the audio file attachment.   They will also see the text of the transcribed messages in the Messages page of the User Portal.