Webinar Rewind: How Businesses Benefit from Personalized Voiceovers and the Profit Potential in VOaaS

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Yesterday, AdvantageIVR’s Donna Renee co-hosted a SkySwitch webinar with SkySwitch CMO, Andy Abramson, educating resellers on how their, and their customers’, businesses can benefit from personalized, branded voiceovers. Donna and Andy discussed the three main voiceover types, how they can be utilized as marketing tools and how SkySwitch Resellers can create another recurring revenue stream by offering automated attendant messages and VOaaS to their customers.

If you missed out on the live session, we have you covered. Below, you can watch the webinar recording below, download Donna’s presentation and read the major highlights of the webinar.


Why The Best Voice On Your Team Doesn’t Cut It

When it comes to recording auto-attendant greetings or on-hold messaging, many companies will use their phone tech or the “best voice” on their staff. While it may be the most cost-effective way to go about recording one, companies can really do serious damage to their brand and even lose business by taking the cheaper route. In this webinar, Donna played side-by-side comparisons of DIY message recordings and then their upgraded professional recordings.

Professional voiceover specialists, like Donna Renee, understand what a good, effective voiceover script is comprised of and can bring the professionalism and personality you want behind your brand. After all, your phone greeting is often a client’s first impression of your business, and we all know how important first impressions are.

The Three Types of Voiceovers and Where the Money Really Is

Another big point we discussed in this webinar was the three types of voiceover recordings there are. Donna Renee dispelled the misconception that many people have of auto-attendant and on-hold greetings being the same. Watch the webinar replay above to learn more about what makes them so different, and why the money is in auto-attendant greetings.

What SkySwitch Resellers Have to Say About Offering VOaaS

On this webinar, we had three SkySwitch Resellers join as panelists so the SkySwitch community could hear firsthand what it’s really like to work with Donna and offer VOaaS. 

Bob Bascom of Charleston Telecom, Jim Kubicek of PhoneOne and Chip Wolfe of CloudNVS all shared their experience working with Donna, and also offered advice to their fellow resellers on how to make VOaaS a profitable revenue stream. Make sure to listen in on the webinar replay to hear this awesome advice from your fellow resellers in the SkySwitch community!

We Had Lots of Prizes to Give Away

All attendees who joined in on the live webinar were eligible for a free 15-minute consultation with Donna Renee, which included a script analysis and a free COVID-19 related message recording. In addition, one lucky reseller won an “Extreme Reseller Makeover” with Donna Renee, which included auto-attendant and on-hold script analysis, and an entirely new auto-attendant and on-hold greeting program.

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