Mitel Plays Catch-up With The Acquisition of Toshiba Corporation’s Unified Communications Business

Two Plans

Way back in March we first heard about the demise of the Toshiba Telecommunications Systems Division and wrote a blog post about it. A Memorandum of Understanding between Mitel and Toshiba stating that Mitel would acquire certain assets, inventory and support obligations from Toshiba Corporation’s Unified Communications business was signed two months later. After another twoTmonth wait, the deal is finally done.  Toshiba resellers now get to hitch their wagon to yet another dinosaur of telecom. These old-guard companies are trying hang on to any business they can.

You cannot rely on any partner 100%

I’m sure that many Toshiba resellers have been using the “wait and see” approach to this news and merger.  That has been four months of uncertainty and doubt.  This is exactly why you need a back-up provider when offering white label service.  Whether you are reselling service from a large established partner, or you are reselling service from one of the newer UCaaS providers, you never know when disaster will strike. Your partner may disappear, either permanently or for an extended outage.  You must have a back-up provider with a migration plan in place. Otherwise, someone else’s disaster may quickly become your demise.

Bigger is not always better

We have seen the many of the largest players in premise and hosted telecom undergo major changes.  Some of them have declared bankruptcy and disappear completely. Mergers and acquisitions have swallowed others. When searching for a White-Label Partner (either as a primary or secondary provider) don’t be afraid of smaller providers. They often have substantial advantages over some of the more familiar UCaaS providers. Newer providers were founded, designed, and implemented to provide these kinds of hosted services. They are not dealing with legacy business models, customers, or infrastructure. 

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