Webinar Replay: The Not-So-Good and Really Bad About Robocalls – What VoIP Providers Need to Know in 2020


On January 28th, 2020, SkySwitch invited Aaron Foss, Founder of Nomorobo, to discuss what VoIP providers need to know about robocalls in 2020.

We reviewed:

  • What robocalling is and why it’s a problem
  • How robocalling is different from legitimate auto-dialing
  • Why robocalling is a problem for resellers and end-users
  • What Nomorobo is doing to combat robocalling
  • How does Nomorobo actually does it and where it intercepts the call
  • The latest with the FTC and Stir/Shaken
  • Why resellers need to act on this with customers
  • How SkySwitch resellers can implement Nomorobo for Business

Watch the full webinar recording and download the slide deck below!