Reselling UCaaS: Why This Model Is Gaining in Popularity

Unified communication (UC) has been around for years but was once only accessible to corporations with the resources to invest in costly technology. Cloud-sourced “as a service” opportunities are leveling the playing field. Today, companies of all sizes and across numerous industries have access to the cost-effective, unified communication solutions they need to keep in step with the expectations of their clients and the rapidly evolving needs of their remote and hybrid workforce.

With the increasing demand for the unified communication as a service (UCaaS) model, market analysts anticipate an impressive CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of more than 25% between 2023 and 2028. That anticipated growth suggests no better time to become a white-label UCaaS reseller. Once you know why this particular business communication solution is gaining popularity, it’s easy to see how partnering with the right platform could benefit your brand and the customers who rely on your white-label services.

Understanding the Basics of White Label UCaaS

White-label products and services are made by one company, then sold to multiple vendors for branding and reselling. UCaaS resellers provide cost-effective business solutions allowing their clients to manage voice communication, business SMS, chat, conferencing, and remote file sharing from a single, user-friendly interface. 

Resellers are spared the high cost of developing, implementing, and maintaining infrastructure in this mutually beneficial arrangement. Their reseller partners benefit from the ability to reach more customers. With the right partnership, resellers have everything they need to brand a secure, reliable, scalable UCaaS platform as their own.

Why Are UCaaS Platforms Popular with Resellers?

With the growing demand for cost-effective business communication solutions, it’s effortless for resellers to reap the professional and financial rewards of offering UCaaS. Whether that reseller adds this business communication solution to a list of products and services they’ve provided for years or builds their entire brand on a partnership agreement, reselling UCaaS ensures a steady revenue stream. 

The reseller owns the customer experience. The technical aspects are the responsibility of the reseller’s UCaaS platform partner. Although other telecom solutions providers also offer reseller arrangements, their options are often limited to a comparatively small number of services.

Partnering with a UCaaS platform ensures resellers have access to the latest features available as technology advances and their client’s business needs evolve. That allows resellers to establish their brand as a one-stop communication service provider, a company their clients can rely on today and in the future. 

With the right partnership, resellers can access platform training, billing and tax automation, 24/7 support, and up to 70%+ margins. Once a reseller understands the needs of their clients, their customizable, cloud-sourced business communication solutions practically sell themselves.

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Why Are UCaaS Platforms Popular with Business Owners?

Many business owners are saddled with the increasingly high cost of keeping their analog in-house phone systems relevant in an increasingly digital landscape. Not only are they required to absorb the cost of maintenance and repairs, but they also have to pay the expense of installing more phone lines as their business grows. Once they’ve factored in how much they’re also paying multiple providers to ensure remote connectivity, it’s clear that most workaround solutions could be more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable.

UCaaS platforms give business owners far more control over their communication costs. Reseller clients only pay for the services they need and can access the features they select from nearly any digital device. While those benefits might seem impressive enough on their own, there are several other reasons UCaaS platforms are popular with business owners. UCaaS resellers often find it helpful to highlight the following features and benefits.

Switching to UCaaS Requires No Major Investment

With UCaaS, business owners get the cost-effective communication services they need without investing in expensive equipment. Most find they can continue to use their existing in-house phone systems thanks to session-initiated protocol (SIP) and voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) technologies. Organizations that don’t have SIP-enabled phones can take advantage of everything UCaaS has to offer by purchasing inexpensive analog telephone adaptors. 

Although many business owners eventually decide to replace their legacy analog systems with VoIP-enabled business phones, it’s not essential or even necessary. UCaaS requires no physical infrastructure. All any business needs to get started is internet service, a downloadable softphone app, and the ability to connect to their platform with a PC, tablet, or smartphone.  

UCaaS Offers Cost-Effective Accessibility

UCaaS is not a one-size-fits-all business solution. Business owners (and decision-makers) who subscribe to a UCaaS platform can build a customized stack best suited to their internal communication needs and customer preferences. They can add or remove services (and users) as needed while minimizing (or eliminating) the need for the technicians that keep their current system in working order. 

In addition to reducing their communication costs with cloud-hosted voice, video, and data, many also appreciate how effortlessly they can manage call center services, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and their choice of hundreds of apps and system integrations designed to enhance productivity.   

UCaaS Platforms Prioritize Security and Reliability

Many businesses rely on leased technologies to ensure the security of their digital networks, protect vulnerable data, and optimize connectivity. With today’s global embrace of cloud-hosted services, paying the high installation, maintenance, and upgrades cost is often unnecessary. 

With the right UCaaS platform provider, business owners have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their calls are private and that sensitive information is secured with the latest encryption, protected by assessment tools designed to detect and deter fraudulent activity. They also appreciate knowing they’ve invested in a system well-equipped to detect connection failures within milliseconds and take real-time action to ensure uninterrupted service. Administrators can reroute incoming business calls to an alternate number if the internet goes down.  

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Could the Popularity of UCaaS Benefit Your Business?

Reseller arrangements make it easy to expand your services or build a brand. But not all reseller opportunities give you access to the type of product or service you need to develop a consistent, long-term revenue stream. 

With today’s work-from-anywhere environment, UCaaS has become increasingly popular with business owners and resellers—so popular that the UCaaS market is projected to reach $150 billion by 2030. Although that projected value suggests reselling UCaaS is a reasonably sound business decision, not all reseller partnerships are the same.

At SkySwitch, we make it easy for resellers to build a consistent revenue stream. As a respected industry leader, we also understand what our reseller partners need to establish their business as a one-stop shop for premier-quality business communication solutions. But we bring a lot more than technology to the table. As a SkySwitch reseller, you’re sure to appreciate our UCaaS platform training, branded tier-one support, automated billing services, and our team of dedicated onboarding specialists.

If you’re ready to become a SkySwitch reseller, visit us today to get started. Reseller startup costs are minimal, and you can deploy and learn our system in as little as 30 days.