SkySwitch Announces Upgrade to Support Kari’s Law E911 Requirements


New Features Make Reaching Emergency Services Easier and Faster on Multi-Line Telephone Systems

SkySwitch, the leading channel-exclusive white label Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider, has announced an upgrade in support of Kari’s Law E911 requirements. The law, which went into effect on February 16, 2020, applies to all newly installed multi-line phone systems. For existing phone systems, the law becomes active on January 6, 2021.

The adoption of Kari’s Law requires that anyone using a multi-line telephone system (MLTS)  must be able to directly reach a Public Service Access Point (PSAP) by dialing 9-1-1, without the need to dial additional numbers or request an outside line from an operator or receptionist. The new law also requires that on-site security or management can be notified whenever 9-1-1 is dialed. Multi-line telephone systems are often deployed in business offices and multi-tenant buildings, as well as in hotels, universities, schools, hospitals and office campuses.

“This law can’t fix the terrible events of the past, but with everyone’s help, it will certainly save countless lives in the future,” said the City of Baltimore’s Director of 911 Services, Captain Scott L. Brillman. “The 911 system over the past five decades has seen continuous improvements and has celebrated very important milestones. First, there was deployment of the three-digit number to get help. Next came routing to local PSAPs, quickly followed by location identification, number identification, cell phone location accuracy and now, Kari’s Law.  That’s why we now need everyone’s help. It’s all hands on deck to ensure every citizen and visitor in this country can dial 911, directly, with no extra numbers.”

With Kari’s Law now in effect, should a tragedy occur, non-compliant businesses could face catastrophic civil liabilities and be subject to additional penalties each day they remain non-compliant. To ensure public safety and to avoid such scenarios, SkySwitch has updated the reseller dashboard to allow resellers to comply.  

The update now makes it possible to send notifications anytime 9-1-1 is dialed.  With the additional functionality, SkySwitch has made it possible to send an email to a specified email address and/or call a designated telephone number that will reach an on-site security desk,  with the added capability of allowing the answering party to listen in on the 911 call. 

The new settings are available now as part of the E911 configuration page for all US DIDs. Kari’s Law does not cover Canadian DIDs, but SkySwitch will support resellers’ customers in Canada with the email notification feature for Candian DIDs.

“Kari’s Law is very important legislation that will save lives,” said Harlan Hamlin, VP of Business Development at SkySwitch. “As a white label provider, we empower our reseller community with the best solutions to meet their customers’ needs, while also making sure that they, and their customers, comply with national and local laws. Beyond what is legally required, it is simply the right thing to do. With this upgrade, SkySwitch resellers can, at no additional cost, meet regulatory requirements and save lives with minimal effort.”

Details on configuration settings are here:

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