SkySwitch Launches ReachUC Communicator for Computer Telephony Integration

PBX CRM Integration

We are happy to announce the availability of ReachUC Communicator,  a new Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) tool created for SkySwitch by ReachUC and Mondago.  This new tool allows users to control PBX features from a native PC application that is integrated with over 120 CRM and contact management systems.

The Benefits of Computer Telephony Integration

The world of UCaaS has transformed the way we’ve traditionally viewed telecommunication and computing. Consumers are now expecting solutions that minimize duplicated efforts by seamlessly merging platforms into a single workflow.  The ReachUC Communicator allows SkySwitch resellers to meet that need with a powerful and effective solution.

When you begin your sales pitch about the new ReachUC Communicator, remember these top benefits that end-users can take advantage of:

  1. Swift Calls That Increase Productivity
    Businesses can increase their staff’s efficiency by integrating their CRM and phone system. For outbound calls, employees can easily click to dial within their CRM or other desktop applications. For inbound calls, a call preview window with pertinent customer information is displayed to enable positive interactions. As most of us know, an engaging, successful phone call starts with being prepared with as much context as possible.
  2. Automated Lead Tracking
    The ReachUC Communicator includes automatic activity logging for each contact. The automation will create a record of details, like the date and time of calls, within any contact. There is also the option to include notes so that all relevant information can be accessed in one organized space.
  3. The Ability to Call From Anywhere
    Time spent searching for and entering phone numbers is time wasted. (Those few seconds truly add up each time.) This integration allows end users to dial from any webpage, Outlook email and other various desktop applications (even a Word document) by simply clicking on the phone number. And remember, all of that call activity will be logged automatically.


What CRM Systems Does ReachUC Communicator Support?

With the CRM license, ReachUC Communicator supports over 120 different CRM and contact management systems. More systems are frequently being added to the lineup of supported CRMs, and the most up-to-date list can be viewed here.

Below, is a list of the most popular standard integrations that ReachUC Communicator supports.

  • 50 Accounts by SAGE
  • 50c by SAGE
  • 50 Complete Accounting by SAGE
  • Access by Microsoft
  • ACT! Premium by Swiftpage
  • ACT! Professional by Swiftpage
  • Autotask by Autotask Corporation
  • Carerix by Carerix bv
  • ConnectWise Manage by ConnectWise
  • ConnectWise PSA by ConnectWise
  • Contacts by Google
  • Dezrez
  • Dynamics 365 for Sales by Microsoft
  • Dynamics CRM by Microsoft
  • Dynamics NAV by Microsoft
  • eGroupware by Stylite
  • Flexkids by Flexkids
  • Goldmine by Frontrange
  • HubSpot
  • IBM Notes by IBM
  • Infor CRM by Infor.
  • LDAP by Microsoft
  • Line 50 Accounts by SAGE
  • Lotus Notes by IBM
  • Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)
  • Maximizer CRM by Maximizer Software Inc.
  • Microdec Profile CRM
  • MobileMax by 1-2 Mobile Limited
  • NetSuite
  • Outlook by Microsoft
  • Patient Connect by OAK
  • PCHomes by Estates IT Ltd
  • PerfectView Online CRM
  • Rezi by Dezrez
  • RPM by CPL Software
  • Sage CRM/MME by SAGE
  • Sage Saleslogix by SAGE
  • Salesforce by Salesforce
  • Salesforce Service Cloud by Salesforce
  • Saleslogix by Swiftpage
  • Salpo CRM by Salpo Technologies Ltd
  • SuperOffice
  • SuperOffice Online Cloud by SuperOffice
  • Sugar CRM
  • vtiger
  • Tall EMU
  • Teamleader
  • Techman by Web Seller Pro
  • TITAN by Chittak Ltd
  • webCRM
  • WinSIMS by ACA Systems
  • Workbooks
  • Zendesk
  • Zoho CRM by Zoho Corp

The Differences Between the Express and CRM Licenses

There are two types of licenses for the ReachUC Communicator: CRM and Express.  Both licenses offer the productivity-enhancing features listed below.   The CRM version integrates with the 120+ CRMs listed above, while the Express version is limited to Microsoft Outlook, Google Contacts and Lotus Notes.

The CRM license is best for employees who live, breathe and operate within their company’s CRM. The Express license is a good fit for employees who don’t use a CRM frequently but still want to benefit from the productivity-boosting features that ReachUC Communicator offers.

ReachUC Communicator Features to Emphasize to Your Customers

Whether your customer is interested in an Express or CRM license, these are the key features that you’ll want to focus on.

  1. Caller Preview
    This displays the caller’s name in the preview or phone window when a match against it is found in the linked CRM or contact management application.
  2. Contact Popping
    Click the business application’s icon in the phone or preview window and the caller’s contact record will open directly in the integrated business application.
  3. Contact Searching
    Concurrently search within integrated business applications. Contact Popping and Click to Dial features will be enabled on the search results.
  4. Activity Logging
    An activity record will be automatically created for calls received and placed within the integrated business application, with the ability to create additional notes.
  5. Click to Dial
    Directly dial from the integrated business application, webpages and other various desktop applications.

If you’re interested in ReachUC Communicator, make sure to check out the webinar we’re hosting with Mondago on Tuesday, June 25th.  We’ll be going over all of this information, plus more!

Or, if you already know that you want to get started with ReachUC Communicator, click the button below to begin ordering your license and reading set-up instructions.