SkySwitch Resellers Gather for Vectors User Conference

Vectors 2016 Banner

SkySwitch Resellers from around the United States gathered in Orlando Florida on February 28 – March 1, 2016 for three days of education and camaraderie at Vectors 2016. The event, sponsored by Polycom, Overgroup H2O, NetSapiens, IP Pay and Compliance Solutions, Inc., was the inaugural reseller conference hosted by SkySwitch. In addition to presentations from the sponsors on how their products/services enhance the SkySwitch white label UCC platform, there were also a variety of technical and roadmap presentations from SkySwitch personnel, strategic partners and interactive sessions from SkySwitch resellers themselves.

“The conference is named “Vectors” stated Eric Hernaez, Managing Partner of SkySwitch, because our mission is to to help our resellers chart a course from launch of service to success as quickly as possible. To achieve that objective, we try to give resellers a clear path to profitability – one that leverages our proven UCC infrastructure, operational processes and domain expertise. Events such as the Vectors conference play an important part in that strategy.”

Convening in Orlando for three days gave SkySwitch resellers an opportunity to forge stronger ties with the SkySwitch team, develop relationships with reseller peers, and most importantly, the ability to cultivate a deeper understanding of the SkySwitch vision to grow their business through innovative technology and carefully selected partner and vendor relationships.

Guy Fawkes, President of VoIPWRX in Tampa, FL, was one of the SkySwitch resellers in attendance. “SkySwitch’s Vectors conference in Orlando was simply one of the best I’ve attended in many years. Everything from being able to meet with industry peers right-through to the vendor and partner presentations were just outstanding. I look forward to growing my business with SkySwitch in the coming year and look forward to the next SkySwitch partner conference,” said Fawkes.

SkySwitch has experienced strong growth since its inception in January 2014, increasing from eight resellers to fifty-eight in a span of twenty four months, and is poised for another year of rapid expansion in the white label service provider space. Vectors 2017, already in the planning stages, will build on the success of this event with the hope of creating an enduring tradition for many years to come.