Jayson Jones, VP of Sales, Talks to Telecom Reseller About How SkySwitch Plans to Transform Cloud Communications at Vectors 2019

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Every year, SkySwitch hosts a conference for a VIP guest list: the SkySwitch partner community. This year’s conference, Vectors 2019, is full of educational sessions, training, networking and more, all designed to help resellers Transform Cloud Communications.

On Friday, August 30th, Jayson Jones, VP of Sales at SkySwitch, sat down with Telecom Reseller and discussed how SkySwitch as an organization is transforming cloud communications, and how Vectors 2019 is meant to empower the SkySwitch partner community.

“We empower our resellers, and help them get more business, improve their EBITDA and generate a better revenue stream for their businesses. This is for them,” Jayson Jones said.

To listen to the full podcast, make sure to head over to this story on Telecom Reseller.