Webinar Rewind: Cloud Provisioning & Management with SkySwitch and Grandstream

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As a result of the increased number of businesses working remotely, the demand for cloud provisioning is at its all-time highest. SkySwitch wants the auto-provisioning process for our resellers to be as stress-free as possible. With Grandstream’s zero-touch cloud provisioning and management system, our resellers have access to an easy-to-use, enterprise-level centralized interface that allows you to manage Grandstream products before, during and after deployment.

For this webinar, Grandstream’s Phil Bowers, Danny Lin and Ryan Frisella joined SkySwitch’s Farid Ait Achene and Andy Abramson to educate resellers about the many reasons they should be utilizing cloud provisioning and how easy it is to implement with a SkySwitch/Grandstream solution.

If you missed the live session, no worries! You can watch the webinar recording and read up on some highlights of this webinar below. 

Cloud Provisioning & Management

With all the recent changes in business operation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, cloud provisioning and management are required for business mobility and flexibility. Grandstream can provide resellers with one centralized interface regardless of their location. This interface also ensures seamless operation and network security monitoring.

Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS)

Grandstream’s Device Management System is a free, no-limits API integration that runs on AWS before, during and after device deployment. The GDMS gives service providers easy deployments and happy customers. With unmatched customer service, flexible integration, scalability, easy management and secure and seamless network operations, the GDMS makes cloud provisioning easier than ever. Check out the easy device setup below:

GRP Series New Product Update

If you haven’t already heard, Grandstream has officially launched their new GRP Essential Series. These carrier-grade IP phones are essential to any business that wants to maximize their budgets while providing simple, powerful and effective devices. The GRP260x Series now has an improved performance with better CPU and +2x better boot up times.

Grandstream has also launched the new GUV3050 Bluetooth Headset with HD Audio and Noise Cancellation and the GVC3220 Ultra HD Multimedia Conferencing System.

For more information about clouding provisioning and management with Grandstream or any of their new devices, please contact store@skyswitch.com.