Webinar Rewind: Poly Presents: You Had Me At Remote PCAP!


Yesterday, our friends at Poly joined us for a lively webinar to discuss Poly’s perspective on the top UCaaS challenges that SMB’s and Enterprises are facing with the new work from home environment. Joining us for the lively discussion, we had:

  • Darren Knapp, Director of Global ITSP Sales at Poly
  • Lee Marlow, Sales Manager, ITSP Sales at Poly
  • Skip Maryland, Solutions Architect at Poly 
  • Corey Stoker, VP of Support at SkySwitch
  • Andy Abramson, Head of Communications at SkySwitch

Watch the full webinar recording, that comes complete with a live demo, download the slide deck and read up on the webinar highlights to learn more about Poly’s perspective on the current work from home UCaaS challenges and the best way to solve them.


The New Normal

The concept of working from home hasn’t always been a crowd favorite. C-level executives feared that productivity levels would drop if they allowed their employees to work from home. Pre-pandemic you would seldomly find companies that allowed the bulk of their employees to work from home more than two days a week. Now due to the global impact of Covid-19, the demand for working from home has exploded. 

Take a look at these WFH Highlights provided by Poly:

The Poly Perspective

After speaking with many partners Poly has found that the top Enterprise UCaaS challenges with working from home are: 

  1. Employee Productivity & Satisfaction
  2. Cost / Liquidity & Cash Flow
  3. Unpredictable (Home) Networks 

And, the number one question they receive from partners is, “Can you help us?” At this point, many companies are leaning towards allowing their employees to continue working from home.

Poly’s End-to-end Partner Support System

Poly strives to deliver endpoints that elevate the experience, software and services that solve critical problems for their customers. Their goal is to help customers with everything from device deployment to troubleshooting and much more.

And The Winners Are…

We wrapped up this webinar with a live demo and interactive Q&A with our audience. This week we randomly chose five winners to receive a prize courtesy of Poly! 

This week’s prizes included two Poly Voyager 5200 Headsets, two Blackwire 8225 Headsets with Acoustic Fence, and one Voyager 8200 UC Headset

Congratulations to…

  • Nathan Parks of High Performance Computer Services
  • Frank Brandolino of Velocita Technology
  • Robert Harney of Open One Solutions
  • Bill Youngblood of BWS Technologies
  • Corey Barrett of CAB3 Group

Be On The Lookout For More Webinars

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