Webinar Rewind: The Definitive Answer, Presented by AdvantageIVR

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For over two decades, phone techs have voiced their own greetings. Very little thought went into the scripting, the call routing, or the caller experience. With all the money clients spend on marketing to get people to call them, they can’t forget to mirror their image/brand experience on the phone as well.

SkySwitch invited Donna Renee of AdvantageIVR to discuss why having a professionally recorded greeting is vital to your business’ success. On Tuesday, February 2, 2021, SkySwitch’s Andy Abramson, Joren Carlson of Unicom Solutions, John Adams of Adams Comm, and Donna Renee fo AdvantageIVR came together to discuss why providing professionally recorded Auto Attendant Greetings should be part of the core competency offerings on every reseller’s line card.  

This webinar explained how AdvantageIVR has successfully pioneered a new way to provide professionally recorded auto-attendant greetings that is super easy and allows resellers to make up to 158% ROI by selling VOaaS. 

If you missed the live session, no worries! You can listen to the webinar recording, download the presentation, and read up on some highlights of this webinar below.


Why You Need AdvantageIVR

Impressions are everything, especially when it comes to your business. That is why you shouldn’t skimp when it comes to your customer contact points. Many companies will use their phone tech or the “best voice” on their staff to record auto-attendant greetings or on-hold messaging. While it may be the most cost-effective way to record one, companies can damage their brand and even lose business by taking the cheaper route. AdvatageIVR gives resellers access to professional voiceover specialists with decades of experience.

Which Subscription Works Best For You?

To make life easier for you, AdvantageIVR has introduced various Subscription Credit Packages. These packages can be used for auto-attendant greetings, voicemail prompts or on-hold messaging. By offering various packages, AdvantageIVR lets you decide what will work best for your business.

SkySwitch Resellers + VOaaS

SkySwitch Resellers Joren Carlson of Unicom and John Adams of Adams Comm joined this webinar as panelists to share with the SkySwitch community what it’s like to work with Donna and offer VOaaS. Both Joren and John offered advice to their fellow resellers on how to make VOaaS a profitable revenue stream.

Everyone Was a Winner!

AdvantageIVR offered to waive the implementation fee of $299 to all attendees who joined in on the live session!  

This webinar did have one lucky grand prize winner who won an Auto Attendant/On-Hold Makeover for them and a client of their choice, courtesy of AdvantageIVR! Congratulations to Urban Warner of SecurTel and Lock Inc.

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