4 ReachUC Features That Will Boost Your Sales Strategy

4 ReachUC Features That Will Boost Your Sales Strategy

As you may already know, ReachUC is a mobile phone application that’s integrated with our SkySwitch system. It’s a great selling point to offer end-users, but did you know that its capabilities are also great for boosting your own sales strategy as a telecom reseller?

The ReachUC application is fully integrated and customizable, so you have total access to make the changes that best fit your business. Here are our top four favorite ReachUC features that can aid you in your sales strategy:

1. Make Mobile Phone Calls With Your Business Caller ID

With the Reach UC mobile app, you’re able to make outbound calls from a personal cell phone and have the call appear to be from your business phone number. When it comes to calling your leads, you want to make sure to uphold your professional brand by always using your business number.

2. Always Stay Connected With Mobile Twinning

When someone makes a phone call to your business DID, both your office desk phone and mobile phone will ring simultaneously. Mobile twinning gives you the flexibility and freedom to answer the call with either device. This is especially a big bonus if you are on-the-go often or occasionally work from home. And if you answer the call on your desk phone, with the “Move Call Here” feature, you can easily move it to the ReachUC app with the press of a single button.

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3. Easily Manage Incoming Calls With Mobile Call Recognition

As we mentioned, when a customer or prospect calls your business DID, it will ring on your mobile phone through the Reach UC app. Since you can see that the incoming call is incoming through Reach UC, separating your business and personal affairs is a cinch. This helps you stay organized and also helps you answer the phone in the right state of mind, so you’re never caught off guard when it’s an important client calling.

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4. At the Touch of a Button, Make Calls From Your Web Browser

With the Google Chrome extension, you can make phone calls directly from your web browser. It eliminates a simple step but makes like so much more convenient. Now when you’re sifting through the contacts on your CRM, you can instantly call any phone number through the extension’s Click-to-Call feature. Or, you can even immediately send a text message with the extension’s Click-to-Message feature.

Whether you’re utilizing Reach UC to make the sales process easier or speaking to your prospects about the benefits of this integration, understanding these four features is bound to help you out.

To learn more about Reach UC, browse our blog or contact a SkySwitch representative.