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We work for you, providing you with all of the technology and resources you require to be a successful reseller. In fact, the average growth rate for SkySwitch resellers is 8%, with top resellers achieving a 40% annualized growth rate.

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What our clients are saying

Proud partnership!

Awesome job to the entire SkySwitch Team! We’re so proud to be fueled by your partnership!

Charlotte Conroy

Recent Communications

100% increase

Our customers have a very positive perception of us as a company because of how SkySwitch has built their offering. Since we began offering UCaaS, we’ve doubled our gross Voice income – a 100% increase.

David Spears

Complete Computers

Reliable, cost-competitive, and helpful

SkySwitch is what a reseller partner should be—reliable, cost-competitive, and helpful in putting processes in place that set us up to be successful.

Ryan Markham


SkySwitch is always ahead of the game

Any time I want something, SkySwitch is making it before I ask for it.

Megan Ehmen

Technician at VTi Communications

I wish I had made the move sooner

I wish I had made the move sooner. UCaaS is a wonderful solution that I can feel proud about putting into my customers' operations. I know I've done my customers a great service by partnering with SkySwitch.

Joe Bauer

Founder and CEO of SkyComm Connect

Superior platform

I soon realized that SkySwitch was a superior platform to my original choice. SkySwitch has been an outstanding partner. They do what they say they are going to do and deliver promised features on time.

Bob Bascom

Owner of Charleston Telecom Solutions

Our clients love it

After four years with a different white-label VoIP provider, we decided to move to SkySwitch and are very happy with the decision. It brought a lot more functionality to the table, using our existing hardware. Clients love it, and it’s a lot easier for us.

Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes


A win for our bottom line

SkySwitch is our third VoIP switching platform and by far the most cost-effective. The CAPEX route on the first two was expensive and with all the engineering overhead they required, the profit margins just weren’t there for us. It’s a win-win for both our customers and our bottom line.

Jason Alidor

Jason Alidor

Cirrus Systems & Communications

Incredible customer support

SkySwitch’s comprehensive UCC infastructure required little up-front capital expensive, on-boarding was fast and their provisioning platform was so intuitive we were deploying phone services within a week. Support and uptime have been incredible, increasing our business valuation across the board.

Ralph Abrams

Ralph Abrams

Colorado Central Telecom

It’s really a dream come true

After switching to SkySwitch, we were able to streamline processes so much, that at this point, we’ve put on over a thousand endpoints and we’ve still never hired a single employee. We’ve actually been able to grow our company without actually increasing any of our fixed costs. So as we put on endpoints, everything is pure profit. It’s really a dream come true.


Rodney Williams

CEO of Cloud9 VoIP

Big, trusted player

Being in the Netsapiens arena, I’ve always known that SkySwitch is a big, trusted player. But getting the NRCs reimbursed was huge. Since we have an existing customer base, we would hit the 200 number right out of the gate, which means we can afford to make the switch now rather than have to wait and save up.

Dave Crim

President of Evolocity Networks