Introducing: Appointment Reminders with vBroadcast

Agenda Appointment Plan Program Timetable Concept

The ability to send appointment reminders has consistently been among the most popular feature requests that we receive.  And so, we are very happy to make this new capability available to resellers as part of the vBroadcast app.

I’m really happy with the progress and development of vBroadcast. It started as a Call Campaign dialer (not for telemarketing use), and SMS Campaigns were added last year. Now, we are introducing an Appointment Reminder in vBroadcast which can be used for a lot of things, but I think about Doctor appointment reminders specifically. If you haven’t used vBroadcast before, it’s a tool that you can set up, rebrand, then provide to your customers where they can manage their own campaigns with just a little bit of training.

After seeing the new application in action, my mind was spinning with different possibilities of automation that could be done. You could integrate with something as simple as a Jotform, or tie in an office’s appointment scheduler application to automatically schedule a reminder anytime an appointment is created. 

In the video I’m using a text message to send a Webhook to Zapier from the Manage DID Portal, then I use the Zapier formatter to modify the incoming request before sending it out again to Google sheets. Then we use information that is input in Google sheets to add new appointments.

Here’s to another tool that can help set you apart from the competition!