SkySwitch Unveils Click-to-Call Extension for Google Chrome


At SkySwitch, we strive to constantly improve our Hosted PBX Reseller platform.

Within the past year we have had requests from resellers for click-to-call functionality in, Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, Agile CRM, Sage CRM and Quickbooks Online, among others.   Initially, we created a Salesforce app to provide click-to-call and other* functionality inside the user workspace.  However,   as the number of web-based CRM, ERP and Accounting system continues to grow, we decided that rather than developing a plugin for each service, we would  create a click-to-call browser extension that works with any web-based application.

As a result, the SkySwitch Click-to-Call extension for Google Chrome is now available as a free download from the SkySwitch Reseller Help website. Here is a quick vid showing how to install and use it.

*Not to be confused with the SkySwitch Click-to-Call extension for Google Chrome, the SkySwitch app is a widget that resides within the  portal.  In addition to click-to-call functionality, it also:

  • Allows an agent to login/logout of a Call Queue
  • Displays the status of other users within the Agent’s domain
  • Allows an agent to transfer a call to another extension
  • Allows an agent to note the disposition of every call
  • Creates a call record for every call to or from a customer within