Notice for the CoreDial Partners and Resellers in the State of California

CoreDial was acquired by BCM One on November 17, 2021.  Based on this transaction, CoreDial and BCM One will be partnering, for administrative purposes, the ongoing provisioning of your UCaaS solutions and services.

BCM One is a fully licensed carrier of telecom services, and will take over responsibility for fulfilling all of CoreDial’s obligations under our service contract with you.  This arrangement will have no effect on the rate, terms, and conditions of the services you and your customers receive, and you will continue to enjoy all rights and benefits of your contract, without change. No charges will be incurred for the transfer.

Going forward, invoices and other documentation you receive will identify BCM One as your service provider. CoreDial will continue to interface directly with you on all billing and service inquiries and issues, as BCM One’s authorized agent, and there will be no need for any changes on your part with regard to carrying out your business.

BCM One looks forward to continuing to support your provision of services to your customers.  If you have any questions with respect to service needs, complaints, or billing issues, either prior to the transfer or now, please contact your CoreDial Partner Success Associate.