Benefits of Reselling Communications Solutions

Why now is the ideal time to broaden your services.

What you’ll learn:

  • What’s driving businesses to cloud communications

  • How companies are adapting to new ways of working

  • Where Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) fits in

  • The 2 biggest benefits of reselling UCaaS under your own brand name

  • The 10 UCaaS benefits you can sell to your customers

  • Where to get started with white label UCaaS

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eBook Benefits of Reselling Communications Solutions

Why SkySwitch Partners Love Us

Read why companies trust SkySwitch so much, they put their brand name on our solutions.

We did a lot of research and several companies recommended SkySwitch. We appreciate their transparency, partnership and reliability. They’re always there for us.

- Dean Simon, President, LineOne

SkySwitch products are flexible, allowing me to customize just about anything to make it work for my customer. Communication is the biggest piece for us—being able to speak to management about an issue without feeling like we are just another support ticket. I get a quick response, know who to call, and it gets resolved quickly.

- Ethan Farlow, ComTech Network Solutions

We chose SkySwitch because they gave me a good feeling—didn’t feel like there were ‘gotchas’ waiting around the corner. They also offer the best price so I can provide the most value to my customers. The SkySwitch support all the way through has been phenomenal. It’s like a bunch of school teachers got together to start a business. They made it easy to transition from what I sold before to selling SkySwitch.

- John Steele, President, Grand Rapids Connected, Inc.

5 ways this eBook helps you improve your business


Attract new customers

Discover an easy way to expand your niche and client base.


Retain existing customers

Prevent customer churn by offering more services under one roof.


Earn more revenue

Create a new revenue stream to support a modern, sustainable business.


Increase brand value

Lead your customers into the future by guiding them to the cloud.


Become “best-in-class” for UCaaS

Build your reputation as an expert in UCaaS with full SkySwitch support.

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