How Can You Become a White-Label VoIP Reseller?

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Are you a company that offers IT or telecom services to its clients? If so, we probably don’t have to tell you how competitive your business landscape is. There are countless competitors out there, and each of them are looking for a way to provide greater value to their clients over everyone else. 

As most of the world emerges from the worst of the pandemic in 2022, one thing is clear — the shift to remote work, made by most businesses, will last. That brings the need for efficient, dependable communication to the forefront of business technologies.

The way forward is clear — if you want to stay competitive and relevant to your clients, you’ll have to provide them with top-of-the-line communication services that make their business communications easy and reliable. 

However, developing the necessary communications technology is easier said than done. That’s why the most cost-effective way of providing your clients with the best communication services is to become a white-label UCaaS reseller offering the best in class VoIP services.

What is a White-Label VoIP Reseller?

First things first — what is a white-label VoIP reseller?

VoIP is an essential technology for modern telecom companies. It’s short for “Voice over Internet Protocol”, and it’s a way to have voice communication over the phone via the Internet. 

Today, VoIP has become one of the many technologies bundled in UCaaS — unified communications as a service — packages. These contain all the technologies a business might need for their enterprise communication; available on devices ranging from mobile phones and tablets to laptop and desktop computers, all courtesy of the Internet.

As most of the business world still scrambles to adapt to the new reality of remote work, VoIP has become more critical to daily operations than ever before. Leading telecom and IT providers can see that VoIP is a great opportunity to deliver value to businesses of all sizes. But, delivering the necessary technology in a competitively-priced and well-designed package is difficult, because developing the tech in-house would be incredibly expensive. So, what’s the solution to this common challenge?

Start white-label reselling. 

The premise is simple — find a great vendor who’s already developed the necessary VoIP technology, stamp your brand onto it, and start selling it to your customers. The term white-label means” that you are free to imprint your brand identity on specific products or services. This allows you to start building your brand’s reputation. If you’re lucky enough to find the right vendor to partner with, becoming a white-label VoIP reseller has a myriad of benefits and will do wonders for your brand name.

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What are the Benefits of Becoming a White-Label VoIP Reseller?

Did you know that the global market for cloud communications systems has grown 30% over the past couple of years? That’s a period of huge growth. The pandemic helped put the telecom industry on the map, even though it was slowly gaining steam well before 2020. 

Check out  some of the reasons why you would benefit from becoming a  white-label VoIP reseller:

Create an Additional Revenue Stream

Finding a white-label provider for VoIP technology will give your business a competitive edge and help you become a more trustworthy telecom or IT consulting partner. The past couple of years has shown us two things: 

  1. Service providers are more resilient than brick-and-mortar companies. 
  2. Diversifying your revenue stream is important if you’re a small or mid-sized business.

You can open up an entirely new revenue stream as a digital service provider by becoming a VoIP reseller.  And since your clients won’t stop needing VoIP and UCaaS services any time soon, it’s a source of income you’ll be able to depend on for years to come. 

Expand Your Service Offering

If you’re already a telecommunications or IT service provider with a stable client base, you’re in an even better position to become a white-label VoIP reseller. 

You and your clients have at least one thing in common — you’re looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition while being the most cost-effective you can be. That’s how you can be sure that your clients are constantly on the lookout for new technologies that can streamline their communications offerings and raise their business’ productivity.

This is something you can help them achieve with an all-inclusive package of VoIP services — especially for clients working in hybrid or fully remote settings. Once you include VoIP in your bundle of services, you’re positioning your company to be better than other IT or telecom service providers. 

Plus, you’ll be seen as a facilitator of the most cutting-edge productivity and communications technology; all without having to develop any of it in-house. 

Increase Client Retention

As a growth-oriented company, you know that landing new clients is an essential part of your day-to-day operations. However, keeping the customers you already have is just as critical for your long-term success. That means keeping them interested and meeting their needs by constantly expanding your portfolio of services. 

All of this is possible for white-label VoIP resellers. You’ve got a ready-made product that is in demand and has been branded as your own. Once deployed this step becomes critical to your clients’ daily business operations. 

As a white-label VoIP reseller, you can set up your customers for success since more and more businesses are switching to Internet-enabled communications and forgoing the analog way of doing things.

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How to Choose a White-Label VoIP Provider

It’s easy to reap the benefits of becoming a white-label VoIP reseller — but only if you find the right provider to equip you with the necessary technology. But how do you choose a white-label VoIP provider? Here are some factors you should keep in mind when choosing a white-label provider to partner with:

UCaaS is a Must-Have

Ideally, your white-label provider will be offering more than simple VoIP capabilities — instead, look for an integrated UCaaS platform that provides your clients with all the business communications features they’ll ever need. This way you’ll be giving them a lot of value for their money all while helping you retain more customers, and strengthen your brand reputation.

Video Collaboration

These days, more meetings are conducted via video calls than ever before — which is why your clients will expect robust video conferencing features to go along with your basic VoIP offering. Make sure that the white-label provider you select also contains top-of-the-line video conferencing capabilities. 

Digital Fax Solutions

Every business is looking for ways to streamline and modernize its technology in a cost-effective way. As a white-label VoIP reseller, you could easily replace your clients’ outdated fax machines with an elegant and simple digital fax solution.  Fax is still a necessity for many businesses, so make sure the white-label provider you choose offers an advanced cloud-based fax solution.. 

Quality of Service Monitoring

An extensive VoIP and UCaaS platform doesn’t mean much if the quality isn’t up to your clients’ standards. That’s why you need to be certain you’re meeting QoS (Quality of Service) expectations by carefully monitoring the right metrics — like congestion, packet loss, rebuffering, latency, and jitter. 

Your VoIP vendor should provide you with all of the necessary tools for easy diagnostics and tracking, so you get all the most valuable insights on time. 

Quoting and Billing Features

Just like any other business, a VoIP reselling business is all about growth. That’s why your ideal white-label vendor is a partner that gives you easy quoting and billing tools straight out of the box. It should include a quote-to-

 tool that takes away the pesky tasks of manual billing. 

Of course, these are just some of the many features you can expect from a good white label VoIP provider. As a reseller, the first and most important decision you’ll make is who you’re going to partner with, so choose your provider with care.

Become a Successful VoIP Reseller Today

When you start looking for a great white-label VoIP vendor, make sure they have everything you need to start growing the VoIP part of your business quickly. With the right white-label technology and your branding, you will soon become an indispensable UCaaS service provider to your clients. 

If this is your goal, feel free to check out our comprehensive VoIP platform. SkySwitch provides you with everything you need to become your clients’ one and only UCaaS and VoIP provider. 

SkySwitch has brought immense value to many ISPs, Interconnects, WISPs, MSPs, VARs and other providers in the industry. So, if you want to become a white-label VoIP reseller that can fulfill all of your clients’ needs while boosting revenue in the process, a turnkey white-label software solution like SkySwitch is what you need. Contact us today to get started.