How To Choose the Best VoIP Reseller Providers

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As a company or independent consultant providing services in the telecom or IT industries, you’re a part of a landscape that’s relatively fast-paced and prone to change. With that in mind, you’re always looking for new ways to make your services more relevant and up-to-date for clients like  VoIP reseller providers.

In 2022, efficient and reliable communication is as vital as ever. Because of this, providing your clients with a modern, cutting-edge package of communication services is essential if you want to remain competitive. 

But developing the necessary technology in-house is costly and time-consuming. So today, the best way to provide your clients with an all-around excellent communication service is to find the best VoIP reseller providers. So, what is VoIP in the first place — and how does it help your clients outpace the competition? We’ll go over all of this in detail below. 

Choosing the Best VoIP Reseller Providers: What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” In other words, this technology allows people to make voice calls via a broadband Internet connection rather than a regular phone line. 

The history of this technology started around 1995 when VoIP was first developed as a way to cut costs on international and long-distance call charges. A company called VocalTec made the first mass-produced “Internet phone” — however, VoIP would truly reach mainstream heights with the rise of Skype almost a decade later. 

Fast-forward to 2022, and most VoIP operators have completely surpassed hardware limitations by operating in the cloud — providing a comprehensive package of business communication services and tools to their clients. This category of companies is known as the UCaaS sector — Unified Communications as a Service.

Why VoIP Matters

Considering all of the above — why should you look for the best VoIP reseller providers? The reason is simple: in the past couple of years, VoIP has gone from an optional service for upselling clients to an essential technology that brings a great deal of value to companies in the post-COVID era. In light of that, the VoIP industry will likely experience steady, sustainable growth in the next five years.

As the pandemic subsides and the global economy steadies into a new normal, we begin to see which COVID-induced changes are more long-term. Among them, the mainstream acceptance of remote work is the most crucial one when it comes to VoIP. 

Sure, a partial return to offices is already well underway, but it’s likely to remain that way: partial. The future workforce will be a hybrid one, as most professionals learned that they can be just as productive from home and will expect the option of not having to go into an office every day. 

With that in mind, efficient, reliable, and well-integrated communications are becoming the lynchpin of productivity for businesses. And UCaaS with VoIP capabilities is just what all of them need to ensure continued productivity in a more flexible and remote work environment.

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UCaaS services combine all the communication channels in a single, easy-to-use interface. And such a bundle of tools also helps your clients prevent negative customer experiences and increase team productivity — regardless of where they are. 

It doesn’t matter through which channel a conversation has taken place — your clients’ employees will be able to seamlessly pick right up where they left off. 

All things considered, it’s easy to see why the demand for VoIP services has increased so much in recent years. This has led to an abundance of VoIP providers and resellers. As a service provider that wants to start offering a VoIP service package, you need to distinguish which vendors are worth your time and money. 

With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at some factors you should consider while choosing your VoIP reseller provider.

Ease of Use

If your company is about to become a VoIP reseller, the ideal scenario is getting a complete package. In other words, you want to cooperate with a white-label VoIP provider that can give you all of the tools and features you need to be successful — in one easy-to-use package. After all, your offer will only be enticing to clients if it’s a full UCaaS service. To put it simply: you need to have everything required to be the one-stop shop for all team collaboration and communication needs. 

The whole point of investing in white-label VoIP software is moot if you have to partner with various carriers and vendors to get all the features you want. So instead, choose a vendor that offers everything you need in a single place, with decent support and acceptable margins. 

Also, be sure to double-check that the white-label platform you choose is indeed white-label. You shouldn’t have a hard time quickly stamping your own branding on this solution and improving your unique value proposition to clients in the process. 

Modern Communication Solutions

When you’re looking for a VoIP reseller provider, you need to make sure they can provide you with modern, cutting-edge communication features that your clients will appreciate. For instance, a white-label solution with business SMS features is a godsend — most industry experts agree it’s the future of customer service and direct marketing. 

Providing your clients with this feature will enable them to reach their audience more reliably, effectively, and quickly. And if you select a VoIP reseller provider that ties business MMS and business SMS texting with the rest of the backend infrastructure that supports their white-label platform — even better!

Of course, SMS is far from the only collaboration tool that your clients expect from a comprehensive UCaaS solution. In 2022, remote collaboration is vital — and it’s not easy to do effectively without video collaboration features. That’s why you need a VoIP solution that includes secure, reliable video conferencing. Also, this solution should incorporate collaboration features in any format your customers may need: audio conferencing, web conferencing, video conferencing, and remote access.

Fax Solutions

Even though it may seem like faxing has gone the way of the dinosaur — there are still companies that rely on them. And with the right VoIP reseller provider, you’ll be able to replace the analog fax machines your customers are using with a cutting-edge digital fax solution.

It’s a good idea to find a VoIP white-label provider whose fax technology solves any fax-related VoIP problems your customers have at the moment — and allows them to receive and send faxes in various ways. 

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Call Centers

In a remote-first, globalized economy, competition in all consumer-facing industries is higher than ever. This is the reason why clients will want efficient, reliable, and helpful support services. And by selecting the right VoIP reseller provider, you’ll be the company that helps them obtain those services.

Regardless of how big your clients are, you could give them a lot of value by offering premium-quality call centers through your own branded UCaaS solution, without having to charge them a fortune. 

Quality of Service Monitoring 

Every customer has their own QoS (Quality of Service) expectations — and you need to ensure you’re meeting them to stay competitive. That’s why your VoIP vendor should provide you with the necessary tools for diagnosing and tracking network health. Whenever congestion, jitter, or latency gets out of line; you want to know about it. So make sure your VoIP provider provides tools for easy network analytics. 

Quoting and Billing

When you’re adding VoIP to your growing list of services through a white-label solution, you want to be certain that you’ll be able to build a steady reselling income for your business. That’s why any VoIP provider you consider should offer quote-to-cash apps that help you quickly come up with quotes without any manual fiddling with billing systems. 

Ideally, the whole process should be simple — customers click on a quote in your email to automatically create and populate a new shell account. These features don’t just reduce the chance of human error — they also speed up settlement and improve your cash flow. 

Increase Your Profits as a VoIP Reseller

The features we’ve talked about are only some of the basics you should expect from a great provider of your customers’ future VoIP solutions. When browsing for white-label VoIP vendors, don’t settle for anything less — and once you rebrand a great VoIP solution as your own, your company will soon become indispensable to your clients! 

If you’re looking for that kind of provider, take a look at our comprehensive white-label VoIP and UCaaS platform and let SkySwitch help your clients become more connected in a remote environment. We’ve empowered countless resellers, MSPs, ISPs, and telecom companies — giving them the perfect solution to meet their clients’ needs. So if you want to boost your revenue by providing your clients with VoIP and other UCaaS services, why not do it with a turnkey software solution that you can brand? SkySwitch is here to give you just that, so get started today!