Putting Business SMS In More Hands with SkySwitch’s Appointment Reminder App

Appointment Reminder to Calendar and Organizer Agenda

In recent years, more and more of the companies I use, including my car dealership, where I get my car serviced, my doctor’s and dentist’s offices and other service providers, have wisely started using SMS reminders to keep in touch with me. There’s a good reason for this – as with most Americans, our mobile phones are either in our hand or near us virtually 100% of time – making text messaging the ubiquitous way to reach customers.

From a business perspective, appointment reminders make financial sense too. By alerting customers to scheduled and upcoming appointments, businesses can minimize the missed appointments caused by human error, forgetfulness and unforeseen circumstances.

So, yes, appointment reminders make sense for both your customers and for your business, but the difficult thing has been building the plumbing to enable your business to have the capability to send reminders out. Thankfully, customers of SkySwitch resellers have a new feature available to them – SkySwitch Appointment Reminder application.

Capabilities and Features of SkySwitch’s Appointment Reminder App

With the Appointment Reminder app, resellers’ customers can easily schedule and record appointments and configure automated reminder campaigns for upcoming appointments. Reminders can be set up to be voice calls or SMS reminders, or a combination of the two. Also, customers can schedule reminders to go out as a single occurrence or a recurring event.

If your company uses a CRM application or an automation tool, like the popular Zapier, reminders can be created and scheduled automatically when a new appointment is created within the system.

What SkySwitch Reseller, Team Up Telecom, Has to Say About Appointment Reminders

To get a sense of what benefits the Appointment Reminders capability means to a SkySwitch customer, we asked Clark de Leon of Florida based Team Up Telecom about his experience with it..

What’s your favorite aspect of the new Appointment Reminders app?

I really like the way you can use it not only to remind your customers of upcoming appointments but also to remind them about upcoming bill payments. Text notification is perfect for our customer base and SkySwitch has built a solution that lets me use text messages in any way that’s relevant for my business and for my customers.  I also love the third-party integrations – no other telecom providers are able to offer this.

What are customers of yours saying about Appointment Reminders?

We’re still working on roll-out and our early customers say they like that it’s included in their normal monthly costs – and that they don’t have to go to another provider to integrate text messaging capabilities.

How difficult was setup for the Team Up team?

Set up is easy on our side. Nothing complicated once you know how it works. Once you set up your Reminder settings, all you need to do is add or remove recipients.

How does Appointment Reminders differentiate SkySwitch as a telecom provider?

Well, again, we love not having to go to a third party for integration reasons and because of added cost/complexity. I really like how SkySwitch’s text capability can work on both SMS reminder and as an SMS provider.

How to Get Started With Appointment Reminders 

If you’d like to try SkySwitch’s Appointment Reminder App for your customers, we offer two fantastic ways to get started. First, our Knowledge Base has a fantastic step-by-step reference of how to get going.

Also, our own Corey Stoker has recorded an informative video if you’d like to see the tool in action.