RCS Is the Advanced Evolution of SMS and SkySwitch Plans to Support It


What is RCS?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is the next-generation replacement for SMS. RCS offers upgraded features that users have come to expect, like higher-resolution images and video, Wi-Fi messaging, typing indicators, read-receipts and better group chats.

SMS has been around since the 90s and hasn’t reached the capabilities other third-party messaging services (like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger) utilize. And although those third-party applications have greater capabilities, communication is still problematic because these third-party applications are not as universal as SMS. This means users are hunting down the best way to communicate with friends and installing multiple applications.

Instead of chasing down new applications to communicate with friends and family, RCS flips the script by creating a new golden standard that works with your existing phone number. RCS is a solution that takes traditional voice and SMS, and enhances these functions across devices on any network to enable new, richer communication experiences.

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What Are the Major Benefits of RCS?

In addition to text-messaging, RCS makes it easy to send GIFs, high-resolution photos and videos, view typing in real-time, display when users have joined a group chat and send out read-receipts – similar to how iMessage operates.

But, it doesn’t stop there. RCS will make it easier for businesses to interact with customers and provide an intuitive user experience.

For example, let’s say you’re texting a friend about where to meet in the afternoon. You send over a business page link of Sally’s Cafe to let them know that’s where everyone is meeting. With RCS, businesses have a new way to encourage customers to engage with their websites. RCS will create helpful auto-populated suggestions that pertain to the business. So, after you send a link to a business page, like Sally’s Cafe, suggestions will appear for viewing the menu, ordering your meal online or getting directions.

Watch the trailer below to see how it works in action:

RCS elevates the user-experience, but it’s also an incredibly advantageous tool for businesses. RCS gives businesses the ability to provide a more intuitive, personalized experience for their customers by being able to insert their branding, rich media messages, suggested replies and more into their customers’ everyday messaging app.

Which Carriers Are Supporting RCS?

RCS has experienced a lot of buzz lately. There’s certainly a lot of potential to transform the way we communicate and right now, we’re just touching on the surface on what RCS can do.

Google has recently announced it’s roll-out of RCS Chat on the Google Fi network. Sprint, US Cellular and Verizon also support RCS, and other carriers that offer limited support at the time include T-Mobile and AT&T.

Staying up to date on the latest in tech, SkySwitch is working to support RCS as an integrated feature of its Business SMS (soon to be called Business Messaging services).  Keep an eye open for more on this topic.