Reselling UCaaS Solutions: Top Benefits and Why You Need to Get Started

Reselling UCaaS Solutions: Top Benefits and Why You Need to Get Started

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions offer businesses in every industry a way to update and streamline their communication and collaboration tools. Reselling UCaaS solutions is not only a lucrative venture, it is the key to unlocking new business opportunities.

As a business owner looking for ways to expand your service offerings, adding UCaaS to your customer offerings can boost your brand and increase your recurring revenue. Your current clients—and new ones—can benefit by getting the modern communication they need to compete in today’s environment from a provider they already know and trust.

If that isn’t already a compelling reason to become a UCaaS reseller, consider the new avenues it can open up for you. Businesses of all sizes struggle with ways to keep their workforce connected, motivated, and productive. Many keep adding disparate, temporary solutions to try to solve the problem. By offering a new way of doing business that is accessible and easy to implement, you open up new opportunities for yourself and your clients. 

Reselling UCaaS: What It Means

It’s important that you first understand exactly what UCaaS is. Unified Communications as a Service is a cloud-delivered services platform. Unified means that these communications, collaboration, and productivity solutions are designed to work together seamlessly, eliminating the risk of compatibility issues. The infrastructure is paid for on a subscription basis by the client, but ownership, maintenance, and delivery remain the responsibility of the provider.

Types of applications and services within a UCaaS solution often include but aren’t limited to:

  • Chat and instant messaging 
  • Collaboration tools
  • Enterprise telephony
  • File sharing
  • VoIP
  • Voice and video web conferencing 

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Globally, the UCaaS market is growing. Currently valued at $32.01 billion, it’s expected to reach $85.77 billion by 2030. That means resellers and managed service providers (MSPs) of these highly desirable and in-demand services are poised to reap significant financial benefits by marketing them under their own brand with the full support of the provider, known as white-labeling. 

The Benefits of Reselling White-Label UCaaS 

So, why become a UCaaS reseller? What specific benefits does it provide? Let’s dive in by taking a look at the following benefits.

Brand Awareness

One of the most valuable assets a company can have is a recognizable brand. The best way to build that awareness is to provide products and services that create loyal customers. Happy customers equal great reviews. When you build your brand value by focusing on providing what your clients want and need the most, they not only remain devoted customers—they become brand evangelists, shining a positive light on your business, adding to your credibility and trustworthiness, and attracting more new business to your company. 

Brand Extension

You may already have a recognizable brand for your current business model, but now you’re thinking about adding to your service offerings—essentially extending your brand. UCaaS can be a lucrative new direction for your company. The UCaaS market shows no sign of slowing, so now is the time to begin. Not only does it provide high customer value, but you don’t have to make a significant investment in hardware or software to begin offering it to your clients.  

No Maintenance

Resellers and MSPs value the freedom that white-label UCaaS solutions offer. The responsibility for all the infrastructure maintenance, software updates, and security patches remains with the provider. As a reseller, you offer a beneficial solution without the headaches and overhead of ownership. 

No Costly Infrastructure

Reselling UCaaS requires no special equipment. You don’t need to invest in expensive hardware to begin providing it. All you have to do is find a well-respected provider partner that has hundreds of application and system integrations as well as a history of reliability with a 99.999% platform uptime.

Top Tier Support

How are many new avenues available to business owners without a significant investment of time and money, while also providing the training and support necessary to make it successful? That’s what you get when you partner with the right provider. Look for a UCaaS partner that not only offers you the industry’s leading technology and best-in-class services but also provides unmatched support to you so you can offer the best experience to your customers. 

A Compelling Value Proposition

Reselling UCaaS gives your company a competitive edge by elevating your value proposition to customers. By adopting a unified communications platform, your clients gain numerous benefits,  such as:

  • Enhanced productivity – Collaboration tools allow teams to brainstorm ideas, work on projects, review documents, and conduct presentations in real time.  
  • Greater flexibility – Teams can access each other and the resources they need from anywhere, conveniently and securely.  
  • Improved scalability Customers can tailor access to adapt to continually evolving business needs, whether that means adding more team members, removing them, or changing their access control to fit new job responsibilities. This can be accomplished without tech support. 
  • Innovative technology – UCaaS gives customers the latest in technological advancements to keep them on the leading edge of their market. 
  • Streamlined business processes – Process improvement is made easier with access to the tools that empower teams, resulting in streamlined processes with fewer iterations and faster resolution.
  • Cost savings – Your customers no longer have to pay for services and applications from multiple providers. They also no longer have to be responsible for maintenance. With a cloud-based UCaaS solution, your customers have access to the most updated versions of fully integrated applications managed in one place, saving them money over their legacy solutions.
  • Upgraded security – UCaaS solutions are not just designed for usability but for a safe and secure experience. Data security is vital for businesses, and the best solutions feature end-to-end encryption for all communication channels, fraud detection and prevention, and secure data centers. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) safeguards critical business systems from access by remote or traveling employees who may be in public places with unsecured Wi-Fi or unprotected devices. 

Reselling UCaaS Positions Your Company for New and Enhanced Business Opportunities

Having a solution that is ready to deliver gives business owners an advantage as the market landscape changes and opportunities arise. Let’s look at a real-world example.

When one Maryland reseller encountered issues with a longtime provider partner that would negatively impact their customers, they immediately started looking for a better option. They could choose to stay with their current solution but knew it wasn’t the product their customers wanted or deserved. 

They were also aware that their customers wanted to move to a more modern and flexible telecommunications model that wasn’t premise-based, and the current provider was forcing customers to upgrade the very solution they didn’t want simply to maintain the same level of service. The business leadership was on a mission to provide their clients with a comprehensive, innovative solution that, in turn, assured the company of increased recurring revenue. 

The company needed a white-label UCaaS partner so they could provide their customers with a better experience and a more innovative platform. It wasn’t easy to find a provider that had stellar client reviews, competitive pricing, and above-average margins along with 99.999% uptime and geo-redundant data centers, but they were successful. Business boomed with the new services offering, and clients were thrilled with the ease of onboarding, modern features, the single number for support, and the low acquisition cost.

In their first two years with the new provider, the reseller sold more than 1,000 seats, 450 SIP trunks, and other services to 120 customers. In addition to greater customer satisfaction, the company also saw its margins increase by 70%. They produced triple the revenue over three years compared to their previous offering. In addition, they reported that the service fees were lower and remote servicing made it easier to help their customers.

Choosing a reliable provider partner can help companies thrive during trying times. Having a comprehensive cloud-based solution in place gives you the ability to work simultaneously from multiple locations. It gives you the ultimate coverage for disaster recovery, allowing you to continue operations seamlessly from virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

Making your company and your services available to your clients can be a differentiator. When natural disasters, accidents, or safety conditions prevent them from accessing their offices, UCaaS helps keep them connected virtually to each other and their resources. In times of uncertainty, your brand can shine as the one that your clients can rely on to keep their businesses running. 

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What To Look For in Your Ideal UCaaS Provider Partner

When you choose the right provider, reselling UCaaS is easy. The best fit for you means a partner that offers quick time-to-market, a full onboarding process, top-tier support, and minimal startup fees, positioning you to take advantage of new business opportunities quickly. If you are a reseller or MSP catering to business clients, you need to look beyond basic capabilities for the value-added features that help your clients compete in their marketplace.  

A Phone System Optimized for Business

Your ideal business phone system will offer features such as:

  • Call recording and transcription
  • Conferencing
  • Auto attendants
  • Call queues
  • Timeframes

A Call Center and Contact Center Solution

Companies of all sizes want and need the right technology to give their customers a better experience. When customers need help, they want quick and easy solutions to their problems. What they don’t want is long wait times or multiple transfers before reaching the right person. 

Call center technology can solve those problems and increase customer satisfaction by offering multiple interactive solutions to help clients get fast answers while giving leadership the data that can help them make better decisions. 

Advanced Telco Services

Voice APIs give you and your customers the ability to extend your PBX and Telco portals for a more customized solution. These interfaces allow you to:

  • Add provisioning to internal onboarding workflows
  • Integrate click-to-call within internal applications
  • Use real-time call data to create dashboards or set up specific alerts
  • Manage DID inventory and E911 locations

Video Collaboration

Geographically dispersed employees, vendors, and clients need a more effective way to connect and collaborate. That means having a secure, easily accessible cloud solution that integrates web, audio and video conferencing, remote access, and webinars.

Universal Communications for Mobile, Web, and Desktop

Businesses today must support a variety of working environments, including fully remote, co-located, and hybrid models. They need a solution that allows them to do business from anywhere on any web-enabled device. 

Centralized Administration

The best solutions are the most simple to administer. Your ideal provider will offer an online portal for managing your accounts, including role-based access for users.

Rapid Onboarding

Time is a precious resource in business, so waiting months to get started as a UCaaS reseller won’t work. Your ideal provider will offer quick time-to-market with a full onboarding process and with minimal startup fees. You should be able to deploy and learn in as little as 30 days. Training should be efficient and comprehensive and include both UCaaS and billing training with tier-one support. 

Start Reselling UCaaS With Industry-Leading Expertise and Best-in-Class Support

Reselling UCaaS services positions your brand for growth. With little upfront investment and no expensive infrastructure, you gain brand awareness while achieving brand extension. These advantages are all possible because you have created a compelling value proposition. It is not only attractive for new customers already looking for these services, but your current customers will be happy to eliminate yet another vendor by using one they already trust: you.

When you partner with a white-label UCaaS provider, you are selling their services, features, and reliability as your own, so you want to make sure you choose carefully. SkySwitch, a BCM One company, is a leader in UCaaS. We have proprietary PSTN management portals, streamlined platform migrations, and best-in-class fraud control that provide our resellers complete peace of mind. Now is the time for you to become a UCaaS reseller. Let’s get started