September WebCentrex System Upgrade


As a white label hosted PBX platform operator, the SkySwitch mission is to provide our Resellers with service that will optimize their chances for success.  Among other things, realizing this mission means that we must deliver an end-user experience that meets the demands of the market.  This is a constantly moving target in the  dynamic and constantly evolving unified communications and collaboration industry.

To address this need, we strive to upgrade our systems regularly in order to support the most up to date features available.  Accordingly, September brought another system upgrade to our user base.  Although every new version includes hundreds of improvements, here are several of the more notable enhancements.

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.15.47 PM

Delayed Simultaneous Ringing (Sim Ring) – Sim Ringing is a useful call handling technique where multiple phones ring simultaneously, improving the chances of a quick pick up. The Sim Ring feature allows for a delay, in seconds, prior to adding the next set of phones to be rung. The delay can be specified separately for each phone and the number of phones and layers are virtually unlimited.

Contact Center Management –  WebContact, the Contact Center functionality suite within WebCentrex, now offers more reporting and a new heads up statistics grid.  You may now generate reports showing metrics on Queue Statistics, Agent Performance, Agent Availability, Called Numbers and Abandoned Calls.  The metrics available include Call Volume, Calls Handled, Calls Offered, Calls Transferred, Calls Sent to Voicemail, Average Talk Time, Average Hold Time, Abandoned Calls, Average Handle Time, and Service Level.

Call Queue Enhancements – The latest release improves the ability to manage high traffic call flows. When all lines are in use for the company or group, you can place the caller in queue until the next available agent is free instead of having the caller listen to a busy signal or sending them to voice mail. While in a queue, callers can hear music on hold or custom company announcements.

New Queue Types – There are now five types of call queues: Round-robin (routes callers to the available agent that has been idle longest); Ring All (routes callers to all available agents at the same time); Linear Hunt (routes to agents in a pre-defined order, also known as skills-based routing); Linear Cascade (routes callers to groups of agents in a predefined order), and; Call Park (places the caller on hold until an agent retrieves them).

Announce to Agent – This feature assists Queue Agents in preparing for and effectively handling calls by providing the Queue Agents an additional level knowledge about the call, prior to actually answering the call. It allows the system to play a message prior to the Queue dispatching the call to the Agent, and the Agent accepting a call.

Music on Hold Management – Music on hold (MOH)for call queues, that is music or messages that are played while a caller is in a queue waiting for their call to be dispatched), can now be managed directly from the call queue configuration page, by way of a pop up box.

In fact, one of the most compelling aspects of the SkySwitch business model is that, as a white label Reseller of our services, you get access to the latest and greatest features with each new upgrade of our system.  That means your platform is continuously improving, and you don’t have to do a thing.