SkySwitch Announces Integration with Socket Quote to Cash System

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Integration of sales quote automation system makes quoting, closing and provisioning new customers faster and easier

SkySwitch, the Ultimate White-Label Platform for Hosted PBX Resellers, today announced the recent integration of Socket, an innovative quote-to-cash application. The integration further evidences the many ways in which SkySwitch helps resellers attain financial success. “While there are several partners with which a reseller can offer a white label Hosted PBX Solution, many view their responsibility to their resellers as ending with what happens on the telephone” stated Eric Hernaez, President at SkySwitch. “SkySwitch goes further by providing resellers with solutions that address the nuts and bolts of their business, with advanced tools for provisioning, diagnostics, and even sales and marketing.”

The integration of the SkySwitch dashboard with Socket enables resellers to create a quote with products imported straight from the billing system’s catalog. Customers can then accept the quote by simply clicking a link in an emailed form. Once a quote is accepted by the customer, an account shell is automatically built in the SkySwitch system. This streamlined process reduces the need for costly swivel chair provisioning and greatly eliminates the opportunity for mistakes made from manually keying customer information into multiple systems.

“This was a particularly interesting integration,” said Matt Stansfield, Customer Success Specialist at Socket. “In most cases when Socket is integrated with a CRM, the information shared by the system is pretty basic, customer contact, billing and products ordered. However, there is significantly more information collected when properly quoting a Hosted PBX system. All of this information needed to be organized and moved into the SkySwitch platform to fulfill the order and provision the account.”

Jose Alfonso, President/CEO of Voiceware, a current SkySwitch customer who has used other white label platforms in the past said, “The new Socket integration just simply blows away my last white label provider’s quoting tool that I was forced to use for four long unproductive years. I love the multiple templates and the payment processing in the checkout process. This has dramatically improved my cash flow and time to close.”

“Our mission at SkySwitch is to help our resellers chart a course from launch of service to success as quickly as possible. We will continue to pursue this objective by integrating with the best third party tools available, and making them available to resellers in a way that best amplifies their efforts ” concluded Hernaez.

For more information about the complete feature-set available to SkySwitch Resellers available from Socket, please visit

About SkySwitch
SkySwitch is a US-based, next-generation communications platform provider. SkySwitch delivers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Back office support to our Resellers. This enables our Resellers – communication, telecom, IT service providers – to offer a branded, cloud-based, Hosted PBX Service and unified communications and collaboration services (UCCaaS) to their subscribers without the requirement to invest in or manage the platform from which the service is offered. The SkySwitch platform includes not only the infrastructure to deliver feature rich voice, video, text and fax communications, but also, all operational and business support systems necessary for a reseller to experience rapid growth and profitability. This includes billing, carrier services, DID porting services, and regulatory compliance.

About Socket
Socket ( is developed by Deversus Software, a team with over 45 years of combined experience in web and application development to be reliable and cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS). Deversus knows the importance of having dependable software and we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure Socket is secure, reliable, and easy to use. Built on robust, open-source technology and hosted in a world-class data center, Socket truly has what it takes to handle the quoting needs of your business.