SkySwitch Chats With Telecom Reseller at ITEXPO 2020 About Appointment Reminder and Other Big Announcements


Two weeks ago at ITEXPO 2020, SkySwitch made some pretty big announcements. We launched our Appointment Reminder app, added a new approved supplier, Grandstream, to the SkySwitch online store, announced our billing integrations with Datagate, and discussed our unique approach on robocall issues with Nomorobo.

That’s a lot of (amazing) news to take in — which is why our CMO, Andy Abramson, took the time to sit down with Doug Green from Telecom Reseller at the Cloud Communications Alliance Summit and dive deeper into our major announcements. In this 10-minute podcast episode, Andy and Doug discuss why these announcements made at ITEXPO are so important for MSPs.

To learn more about how these announcements bring innovation to MSPs and how they are stepping stones towards our long-term goal of empowering MSPs, listen to this podcast on Telecom Reseller.