SkySwitch Enhances Relationship with SimpleWan Giving Resellers Better Diagnostic Tools


Distribution agreement gives SkySwitch resellers direct access to SimpleWan Support and maximum margins

“Our mission at SkySwitch is to help our resellers chart a course from launch of service to success as quickly as possible,” stated Eric Hernaez, Managing Partner at SkySwitch. “A large part of that equation is helping them solve the Quality of Service dilemma. Our partnership with SimpleWan helps us to deliver on this mission by giving our resellers access to a QoS and monitoring solution that truly works.”

The SimpleWan product, which sits at the customer premise but is managed as a cloud service, gives SkySwitch resellers a way to easily manage and monitor traffic between the SkySwitch platform and all of their clients’ networks via a single user interface. In addition to voice prioritization, SimpleWan offers advanced remote diagnostics in real-time. The tools include MOS scores, visual trace routes, latency, jitter, along with a matrix style monitoring system. Advanced detailed bandwidth graphs and historical reporting for last mile carrier troubleshooting are also included.

“SimpleWan offers a truly innovative system for improved network control and insight,” said Erik Knight, CEO of SimpleWan. “We look forward to introducing SkySwitch resellers and customers to the SimpleWan solution and the many network performance advantages it offers.”

“Most service problems are caused by issues outside the SkySwitch operation. The SimpleWan equipment and tools give our resellers the ability to diagnose and correct those problems in order to keep their clients up and running no matter what network is causing the issues,” concluded Hernaez.

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About SkySwitch
SkySwitch ( is a US-based, next-generation communications platform provider. SkySwitch delivers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Back office support to our Resellers. This enables our Resellers – communication, telecom, IT service providers – to offer a branded, cloud-based, unified communications and collaboration service (UCCaaS) to their subscribers without the requirement to invest in or manage the platform from which the service is offered. The SkySwitch platform includes not only the infrastructure to deliver feature rich voice, video, text and fax communications, but also, all operational and business support systems necessary for a reseller to experience rapid growth and profitability. This includes billing, carrier services, DID porting services, and regulatory compliance.

About SimpleWan
SimpleWan ( is a subscription and hardware based firewall designed for small, medium and enterprise level businesses that allows them to improve overall connectivity. SimpleWan brings improvements to overall traffic speed, VoIP call quality, cyber security and general IT cost and maintenance. Our goal is to provide reliability, and the tools to bring stability and troubleshoot broadband technology quickly in real time. SimpleWan has many unique add-on services that lower the cost to manage cloud technology subscribers. Our mission is to bring all these tools to service providers and lower their overall customer churn.