SkySwitch’s New Conferencing Feature Helps End Users Save Time


It’s the small, tedious tasks that add up to be the biggest time-killers. And because they’re so menial, it can become all the more frustrating to complete the task day in and day out. Case in point: When it comes to joining a web-based conference, no one likes scrambling for codes and dialing thirty different numbers just to join a meeting. In a world where automation trumps and end users are looking for the simplest user experience, our new feature for our Meeting Manager application is a big key point of value.

Meeting Manager Will Now Automatically Call You When a Meeting Starts

We have introduced an auto-call feature that cuts down the steps for starting and joining conference meetings. With this new feature, whenever a user starts a meeting they have the option to allow the audio bridge to call their extension directly. This means that users don’t need to put up with the monotonous chore of searching for codes and manually dialing in each time. Instead, their desk phone (and mobile phones connected with ReachUC) will automatically ring them into the meeting.

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What if the user prefers to use the computer’s microphone and speakers? Easy. Users can choose to ignore or reject the incoming meeting phone call and will still have the option to join via microphone instead.

If you’d like to set up your personal Meeting Manager application with this feature, or for any of your customers, follow the 3 quick steps below.

How to Set Up the Auto-Calling Feature for Meeting Manager

Step 1: Go to Manage Meetings on your reseller dashboard.

Step 2: Click update on the company you are making the change for.

Step 3: Scroll down and locate Call Bridge Owner’s Extension When Meeting Starts. Choose yes and then submit to activate this feature.

If you’d like to learn more about our Meeting Manger application, feel free to reach out to a SkySwitch representative today.