Small Segment Dominates Cloud Communications Adoption


BroadSoft is the global leader for cloud-based communications platforms. Each year, they poll the service providers at their industry event (nearly 100 at their last gathering) to gain some insight into the state of the industry. One of their key findings show expected adoption of cloud communications solutions, by segment, through 2020.

This table shows the results for the last two years.

Size of Business  2016 2015
Small segment (<100) 55% 48%
Medium segment (100-1000) 49% 27%
 Large segment (>1000) 45% 20%

It is clear that this group expects the small segment to continue to dominate adoption for the foreseeable future. However, Jon Arnold makes this observation is his blog post on the survey.

“…service providers were asked to forecast what percentage of their shipments they expect will be cloud-based. Of course, this is very different from asking them to tell us their actual shipments at present, so it’s more of a sentiment barometer for how the market is going to go.”

Jon also points out that there is a lack of distinction between VoIP or UC, as the survey asked about “cloud PBX/UC”.

Opportunity In The Small Segment

Even with the fuzziness around exactly how the question was asked, it is clear the survey shows there is still lots of opportunity the small segment of this 28 Billion dollar market. This is the segment where the typical SkySwitch reseller thrives. A SkySwitch reseller can provide great personalized service, on-site training, and do business face-to-face with their clients, all powered by the SkySwitch network and ecosystem. Small businesses can get cloud solution they need with the local and personal service they demand.

You can get more details on the BroadSoft survey and results here.