Twilio Studio Integration for IVRs with Speech Recognition


Our Senior Platform Engineer, Jim DeVito, introduced Twilio Studio to a group of resellers at Vectors 2019 in a breakout session. I missed the session but walked in at the end and saw a group of people standing around Jim, asking him questions. I could see the excitement in the room and knew I missed something very interesting. I decided to dig in myself, but I’d like to offer a big thanks to Jim for the introduction and getting the most difficult part out of the way!

Twilio Studio has a very interesting way for you to build IVRs with Speech Recognition, which is wonderful because you’ve been asking about it! As we discussed at Vectors, we already had speech recognition in our roadmap, but this Twilio Integration gives you access to these types of features if you need them today.

The Twilio Studio concept is fairly simple, it allows you to build IVRs with a graphical flow chart without a need to do any programming. While the concept is simple, the program itself is complex, yet well thought out and intuitive. After 30 minutes of playing around and building a clone of SkySwitch’s main Auto-Attendant with speech recognition, I felt that I had a good understanding of the Studio and I found myself overwhelmed by thoughts of the possibilities.

Most people don’t have the time to look at other products, like Twilio Studio, so after playing with one for a while I felt it was necessary to share it with you and make the integration as easy as possible. You can see step-by-step instructions, and a video how-to in our help docs:

I hope the video and article makes life easier for you. The next step will be to show you how we can use webhooks to integrate SkySwitch, most of our phones, and Twilio Studio with things like Slack or IFTTT!