UCCaaS Goes Vertical

Vertical Solutions

In a new report from the Frost & Sullivan Digital Transformation Team, they stated that leveraging workflow integration will present opportunities and challenges for players providing Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) services. For white label resellers of Hosted PBX and Unified Communications as a Service, this means you can create more opportunity by leveraging your understanding of your clients’ businesses, rather than focusing on just delivering a horizontal solution that focuses only on technology and service delivery.

This happens at two layers: technical and non-technical

In the non-technical area, you can tailor your solution based on how your client likes to do business and their comfort level with technology.  Do they want (or require) on-site training, interactive video training, or will having access to recorded training sessions be a better fit for they work?  What billing cycle and terms work best for them?  Understanding their level of technical sophistication and recommending the correct phones can go a long way to building trust and user acceptance of the solution.  Do they currently do business on their mobile phones, or will offering this option just complicate and confuse users?

Over in the technical area, you can develop a deep understanding of how they do business and integrate your offering into their workflows.  This is where the Frost & Sullivan 2017 Global UCC Industry Outlook report mentioned above says there is opportunity.  To achieve this level of integration, any white label service you resell will have to have be standards-based with an open API that allows easy access to the inner workings of the platform.

The SkySwitch Open API has already been used to create complete call center solutions for companies such as My Pillow.  Others have used the API to create an interface to Amazon Alexa to create a UCC Digital Assistant.

By using these tools to create a solution that is tailored to your customers’ needs, you can create an environment of uninterrupted productivity, agile business operations and outstanding performance efficiency.  When you deliver all this, you become the solution that your client cannot live without.