Webinar Rewind: Communications, Compliance, and Controls: HIPAA Compliance for SkySwitch Resellers


Protecting the privacy and integrity of any business’ confidential information is very important and getting more important every month. But, where there’s doctor-patient confidentiality involved, ensuring a cost-effective way to address HIPAA compliance is the real challenge. 

That’s why our friends at Compliancy Group are here to help meet that challenge for SkySwitch resellers and their customers. Paul Redding, VP Partner of Engagement & Cybersecurity at Compliancy Group, joined SkySwitch’s Andy Abramson on a webinar that discussed the opportunity to differentiate and grow your business by offering your customers HIPAA compliance certification.

If you missed the live session, no worries! You can listen to the webinar recording, download the presentation, and read up on some highlights of this webinar below.


Compliancy Group + SkySwitch

SkySwitch prides itself on working with the right partners that will enrich our ecosystem. To differentiate ourselves in the market, SkySwitch chooses to hold the Compliancy Group HIPAA Seal of Compliance. By working with Compliancy Group, we can protect our resellers, sell a higher value of HIPAA compliance solutions and build an internal culture of compliance.

Are SkySwitch Resellers Compliant?

No, even though SkySwitch is HIPAA compliant, this doesn’t mean that SkySwitch resellers are automatically compliant too. By becoming HIPAA compliant, resellers have the opportunity to stand out, allowing them to work with one of the largest sectors in the US economy and mandate additional security services that may not have been accessible before.

Who Needs to Comply?

When it comes to being HIPAA compliant, not only covered entities such as healthcare providers, healthcare clearinghouses and insurance providers need to comply. If you have a single customer in healthcare and conceivably interact with their EPHI at any level, then this makes you a business associate.

All business associates, MSPs, accountants, lawyers, call centers, voice providers, faxing providers, even email hosting services all need to comply. Bottom line: If your customer is in healthcare, then you are in healthcare.

2020 was a record year for HIPAA violations. By not being HIPAA compliant, you risk being heavily fined and being placed on the HIPAA Wall of Shame. Once you are posted up on this website, it can never be removed.

Why Offer HIPAA?

It doesn’t matter who you are offering HIPAA to; the same rules apply to everyone. By offering HIPAA compliance, you solve a business problem and create a deeper relationship between you and your customers. Since you are now offering them a business solution and tech services, you are making a more significant impact on your customers.

How To Sell HIPAA

If you want to know how to sell HIPAA compliance to your customers you must  do these three things: 

  1. Focus on educating your customers about HIPAA. Show them the need and the benefit of being compliant.
  2. Try to relate to your customer and rise above the techy jargon. Instead, focus on your customer’s business and reputation. 
  3. Provide real-world examples to easily get your point across.

Compliancy Group is Here to Help!

There is no doubt that HIPAA rules can be very confusing. That’s why the HIPAA experts at Compliancy Group are available to explain how this impacts you and guide you through the regulatory requirements. If you have any questions about becoming HIPPA compliant, please 

fill out this form and a representative will contact you!