Webinar Rewind: How to Work From Home With Grandstream

Man sitting at desk working from home on computer

On Tuesday, April 7, 2020, SkySwitch hosted a webinar featuring Grandstream, one of the newest brands found in the SkySwitch Store. During the webinar, we talked about which Grandsteam solutions can now be offered to your customers, who are transitioning from the traditional office to a remote home office environment so you can help them cultivate a more collaborative and productive workspace for their employees.

The team of experts who gave SkySwitch Resellers an inside look included:

  • Andy Abramson, CMO, SkySwitch
  • Corey Stoker, VP of Support, SkySwitch
  • Phil Bowers, Marketing Director, Grandstream
  • Hieu Huynh, Director of Support, NA & APAC, Grandstream

This webinar was full of information on the current state of WFH, the devices that make it possible and how to counsel your customers to deploy these solutions, so make sure to watch the webinar replay below.

For your convenience, check out these quick highlights on what we covered in this webinar…

Grandstream WFH Considerations

Phil Bowers explained that one of the hurdles resellers might face are customers who are hesitant to change. Since most businesses already have a set of devices for their employees to use, they hesitate when it comes to purchasing anything new, even during a remote work transition. That’s why it’s important to not just look at all the new devices you can offer your customers but to also present complementary devices that help your customer’s current work situation. In this webinar, Grandstream discusses the equipment that will complement the devices you already have with wireless and compact endpoints that optimize affordable remote work environment, management and usage. 

WP, DP, GRP, GAC Phone Series & Accessories in the SkySwitch Store

Grandstream has a variety of different devices that can help support your remote workforce. Support experts Hieu Huynh and Corey Stoker go over each product in detail so you know exactly which product is the right choice for you and your team. The wide variety of Grandstream products covered in this webinar that are available in the SkySwitch Store include: 

  • WP820 – Cordless Wi-Fi IP Phone
    This cordless phone is ideal for at-home usage. It’s easy to set up with dual-band Wi-Fi, roaming and 2 SIP accounts. This phone has an impressive feature set with Bluetooth, HD voice, dual-MIC design, AEC and noise shield technology, micro USB, 3.5mm headset jack, 7.5-hour talk time and 150-hour standby time. This phone also offers push-to-talk, accelerometer and a panic button.
  • DP750 & DP720 – Cordless DECT Base Station & IP Phones
    The cordless DP DECT series offers the ability to roam around your home while talking. It’s light, compact, offers 3-way voice conferencing, up to 10 SIP accounts and has a 50-meter indoor range. These phones both require a DECT base and DECT handset. 
  • GRP Series – Carrier-Grade Desktop IP Phones with Wi-Fi Support
    These desktop phones were made for mass deployment and management. With 7 models, ranging from 2-6 lines, this series offers built-in dual-band Wi-Fi (in most models), Bluetooth, color screens, virtual multi-purpose keys, HD audio, Opus code support, enterprise-level security, VPKs and dual LCDs. 
  • GAC2500 – Android Audio Conference Phone
    This hands-free Andriod powered conference phone makes it easy to work from home. You get access to the Google Play Store, built-in dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB ports, a 4.3-inch touchscreen, gigabit ports, integrated PoE and a 6 line, 7-way voice conferencing bridge. This phone makes it easy for users to use popular Andriod apps for communication.
  • HT801 & HT802 – Analog Telephone Adapters
    Grandstream is the world’s largest ATA manufacturer and its HT series has been on the market for almost 20 years now. These ATA’s are easy to remotely deploy and manage and offer 3-way voice conferencing, FXS ports, SIP accounts, T.38 Fax, call transfer, multi-language prompts, flexible dial plans and automated provisioning including TR-069 and XML config.

New Custom Faceplate Feature Rolling Out Soon

During the webinar, resellers asked if there was a way to customize desk phone faceplates for the GRP2600 series* through the SkySwitch store. We’re currently developing a process that will be available in the future and in the meantime, we have created a manual process to fulfill custom faceplate requests. Thanks to the hard work of our eCommerce Operations Manager and Dev team, we have quickly formed a process where resellers can customize faceplates with whatever they’d like — whether it be their company logo or their customers’ organization logo.

Currently, the process is as follows:

  1. Initiate a faceplate customization request by sending an email to store@skyswitch.com.  There is a minimum order quantity of 200 plates at $3/ea. A Store representative will provide you with a document with art specifications and instructions.
  2. Provide your artwork, which will be used to create a digital proof for you to approve before going into production.
  3. From there, the SkySwitch eCommerce team will work with all related parties to get requested artwork configured on your new custom Grandstream faceplates. For brand new orders, the production time can take up to 4 weeks, and for repeat orders, approximately 2 weeks.*The GRP2614 requires the faceplate to be affixed to the phone itself during production, therefore requiring a different process. Please contact store@skyswitch.com for further information for this model.

In the future, we plan to roll out an automated process to request artwork at the time of order through the SkySwitch Store, so stay tuned!

To listen and learn more information on these products and how you can work from home with Grandstream, make sure to listen to the full webinar recap.