Webinar Rewind: Learn More About SkySwitch’s CamCommand Solution & How to Create a Cloud Video Sales Strategy

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On our latest weekly webinar, the SkySwitch team discussed everything you need to know about CamCommand and how to best sell the CamCommand solution. Earlier this year in April, we hosted a webinar about Safe Workplace Solutions, where we touched on our Cloud Video solution, CamCommand. 

So on Tuesday, July 7th, we had SkySwitch VSaaS Specialist, Justin Baker, and SkySwitch CMO, Andy Abramson, take resellers through a deeper dive into how the CamCommand cloud video solution works. Additionally, we invited SkySwitch reseller, Gary Lee of Converged Technologies, to speak candidly about his experience selling CamCommand to help others in the SkySwitch Community who are interested in building another recurring revenue stream with VSaaS.

If you weren’t able to make the live session, make sure to watch the Webinar Replay below, download the slide deck and catch up on the highlights from the webinar.


What Is CamCommand and How Does It Work?

CamCommand is a cloud-based video storage solution. By taking video to the cloud, CamCommand is easier to deploy and simpler to manage than premise-based video monitoring solutions. In the webinar, Justin Baker explained that certain regulated businesses may be required to store video a certain minimum distance away from the physical location, which also plays into how cloud video can be more secure than premise-based solutions.

Additionally, resellers and end-users will typically both see significant cost-savings with a cloud-based solution like CamCommand, which comes with 7-Day, 14-Day, 30-Day, 60-Day and 90-Day storage plans.

For SkySwitch resellers who want to get started with CamCommand, they have multiple options of premium “plug and play” cameras that work with the CamCommand solution. One of those camera brands, Amcrest, is conveniently accessible through the online SkySwitch Store. Resellers will also be happy to hear that “plug and play” is not an exaggeration by any means — in the webinar, Justin Baker confirms that it really is that simple with minimal set-up.

Cloud Video VS On-Premise Solutions

We’ve already touched on how CamCommand is incredibly quick and easy to deploy, especially with the use of premium “plug and play” cameras that require virtually no set-up. Another huge advantage of the CamCommand solution, for end-users, is the ability to view camera footage from anywhere in the world, instantly, using the mobile app or web browser interface. Later, when SkySwitch reseller Gary Lee shares his success story, he notes that this feature was huge for his customers who purchased CamCommand. And, not only can end-users view footage in real-time from anywhere in the world — they can also receive real-time alerts from pre-configured event triggers, such as motion detection, via mobile phone push notifications or by email.

Another advantage of CamCommand is how cost-effective it is and its scalability. The reseller’s customer can take advantage of a small number of cameras, or even just one camera, to start with. From there, they can easily grow their cloud video monitoring solution however they wish. That also means that customers can have unlimited camera connections, installed on an infinite number of locations, all pointing to a single, convenient point of access.

Identifying Cloud Video Customers & Creating a Sales Strategy

To help resellers identify which of their customers, or prospects, would be good candidates for CamCommand, Justin Baker explained three main business categories that can usually obtain great value from the CamCommand solution. This includes businesses with multiple locations, like retail franchises, regulated businesses, such as liquor handling facilities, and large or scaling locations, like HOA’s, hotels or resorts.

Once you’ve identified potential customers, you can utilize some of the tips that Justin Baker suggests when creating a cloud video sales strategy. Justin identified upselling to existing customers, bundling VSaaS service with hardware, bundling with supports, or including one license of cloud retention to every new sale. For more details on these tips, and to hear straight from a fellow SkySwitch reseller who has successfully sold CamCommand, make sure to listen to the webinar above.

Congratulations to Our Prize Winners!

On most of our webinars, we like to give away prizes to live webinar attendees who are engaged with the presentation and take the time to ask questions. Picked at random, we’d like to congratulate the following resellers on their new, free SkySwitch Swag Packs.

Congratulations to…

  1. Tyler Berger of Techcure
  2. John Adams of AdamsComm
  3. Daniel Millington of Northwest Cloud Talk

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As mentioned in the webinar, SkySwitch will be taking a short 2-week “Summer Break”, to give everyone a chance to recharge. We’ll be back on Tuesday, June 28th, at our usual time of 11 AM ET, chatting with SkySwitch reseller, Guy Fawkes of Telepath Communications, about his Glance solution that he has built specifically to help SkySwitch resellers save time and earn more money. You won’t want to miss out on that one, so make sure to keep an eye on your inbox for the webinar invitation next week!