Why UCaaS White Label Solutions Are the Future of Communication Services


The business world is evolving faster than many tools can keep up. For slow-moving enterprise vendors, the inertia of product development and traditional market testing can leave them floundering to adapt. But for fast-moving selling and reselling organizations, this period of rapid advancement and disruption is the perfect environment for reaching new clients and helping them thrive.

As businesses resettle into new post-COVID-19 grooves, test out AI, and recenter their own companies around customer experiences, the importance of excellent communication tools is taking center stage. 93% of companies are prioritizing collaboration tools to power-hybrid workspaces. Customers also prefer a more comprehensive range of communication options, from text to live chat, and businesses know they need to come up.

Your reselling organization can be the solutions provider they’re looking for when you add comprehensive options like UCaaS to your offerings. Learn more about the benefits of UCaaS for modern businesses, the key selling points they answer, and how UCaaS white-label options provide unique value for your organization.

How UCaaS White Label Helps Communication Resellers Serve Modern Business Environments

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) has been part of the ‘-as a service’ universe for years, but recently, trends in customer preferences, office setups, and company culture are bringing it to the forefront. UCaaS is a unified communications model that provides six critical communication functions on the cloud. It packages integrated telephone, meetings, instant messaging, communications built into business processes, and mobile solutions, all into one platform delivered and managed by one provider.

Above all else, this model makes communications cohesive. Having separate channels (especially across disparate platforms or through multiple different service providers) is tedious, unproductive, and expensive. Businesses are doing away with having isolated platforms for instant messaging, video calls, and other forms of communication in favor of models that offer everything in one package. It’s better for business.

Resellers also benefit from this transformation. They can pair small, medium, and enterprise organizations with the UCaaS provider and personalized services package that helps the business the most.

White labeling is a business model where business partners can offer their clients UCaaS services (or other services like white-label VoIP) under their brand. Your organization can focus on market research, brand recognition, and sales while partnering with a reputable UCaaS provider that handles cloud-based services, implementation, and ongoing support. Many growing businesses need help finding the tools that serve their organization’s evolving needs, and resellers can use UCaaS white-label programs to offer curated options.

Let’s dive deeper into why white labeling and UCaaS—models that have existed independently for years—uniquely benefit today’s work environments and likely future developments.

Businesses Are Going Fully Remote or Offering Hybrid Work

While some companies are returning to the office, most businesses are taking a step back and considering how they want the future of their company to look. A Gallup survey from 2022 found that, as far as employees are concerned, “About 53% expect a hybrid arrangement, and 24% expect to work exclusively remotely.” Employers know this and offer either fully remote roles or flexible hybrid work options that give everyone the flexibility they may have been accustomed to.

But going fully remote or even hybrid can bring a lot of challenges for companies without the right tech stack in place. Software and cloud-based solutions resellers can help them navigate this new path forward. To do so, consider these obstacles that companies are trying to navigate as they consider adopting new tools or changing their work processes:

No Centralized Business Location

Centralized business locations offer distinct benefits for business operations: quick formal and informal communications, meetings, and known pathways for disseminating information, to name a few. The communication tools in the UCaaS model can successfully replicate these communication channels.

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UCaaS white label can offer instant messaging for team updates (and easy emojis or responses to verify the information has reached everyone) or informal work chatting. Video meetings and conference software easily replace in-person meetings. It even facilitates cohesion for teams that span across locations and time zones.

Communication Quality Concerns

As businesses transitioned to remote work, the quality of communication was a top concern. Fuzzy audio and video, email delays, and even workflows not designed to catch and track multiple online communication channels quickly needed time to meet demands. Today’s UCaaS packages offer better video and audio quality, easy communications storage and searching, and multi-channel communications organization.

Multiple Channels of Customer-Facing and Internal Communication

Companies continue to zero in on multi-channel and omnichannel communications with customers, so their tech stack needs to reflect that focus. Customers demand live chat, engaging video calls for demos and meetings, and email, text, and phone calls for effective communication.

Resellers can emphasize the advantages of curated UCaaS white-label solutions that combine the right channel blend. As importantly, you can present a cohesive stack of internal tools that are direct communication channels (ex., instant messaging) or integrated into workflows (ex., in-document comments, and workflow boards). 

Communication Records-Keeping

Revenue teams are prioritizing customer experiences through the lifetime journey of the customer. Marketers don’t stop paying attention after a lead is qualified, and salespeople don’t tune out once a customer signs a contract.

Instead, all revenue teams benefit from CRMs and communication tools that present a unified customer activity history. With the right solutions, salespeople can see an account’s history of touchpoints and pain points, which is critical for targeted upselling or strategic approaches; simultaneously, marketers can use detailed customer profiles to personalize content and offers as much as possible.


Above even cohesive communication and ease of use, companies must prioritize security. Communications include customer details, personally identifiable information, and IP secrets that shouldn’t leak out. Disparate communication channels — and employees’ ad hoc maneuvers for getting around them — are a liability. Communications will be saved or made on unsecured channels. But savvy resellers will emphasize the security that UCaaS model environments offer.

The Unique Value of Offering UCaaS Solutions

UCaaS is not the only communications services model on the market, but it is the one best suited for helping companies transition to hybrid and remote work processes. It’s also uniquely suited for dealing with uncertain future trends and developments. See how it compares to two other similar models, CPaaS and CCaaS.

UCaaS vs. CPaaS

CPaaS, or communications platform as a service, uses a combination of APIs and updates to existing tools to piece together communications tools with in-demand capabilities. However, it’s run mainly by internal IT teams, making it a poor fit for businesses that need a comprehensive solution. UCaaS models, in comparison, offer tools that are ready to roll out and ongoing third-party support. Resellers can also effectively curate UCaaS packages to fit a company’s needs.

UCaaS vs. CCaaS

CCaaS models provide ‘contact centers as a service,’ focusing exclusively on customer communications and client support. While this is an essential focus for any business, separating it from internal communications is a mistake. UCaaS can bridge that gap, so there are clear records of internal and client-facing communications and integrated tools built for internal and external needs.

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Reselling Without Rebuilding

Resellers partnering with UCaaS providers is the future of matching business organizations with the necessary communications capabilities. It allows all of the organizations involved to specialize in what they do best:

  • Companies can benefit from a curated UCaaS solution that resolves their needs today and in the future
  • UCaaS providers can focus on support, strengthening the cloud-based technologies, and forecasting future technological shifts
  • Resellers can focus on building a solid brand and niche, develop a deep understanding of how UCaaS solutions address customer needs, and advise clients on the right solutions

Turn to SkySwitch From BCM One to Add UCaaS White Label and Top-Tier Support to Your Business Offerings

Organizations across every industry are turning to UCaaS models to facilitate remote work, global communications, and an increasingly flexible workforce. Resellers can power their own organizations’ growth by partnering with UCaaS providers like BCM One to access the ultimate white-label UCaaS platform. Add versatile solutions to your product offerings and stay current on what clients in your market are looking for. Contact us today to learn more about our white-label solutions and partnering options.