The New Yealink Phones Are Here! The New Yealink Phones Are Here!


So maybe we’re not quite as excited as Navin Johnson was when he got his new phone book,

but it’s pretty damn close.  SkySwitch has received “advanced shipments” of the new Yealink T52S and T54S phones.  These phones are not scheduled for official released by YeaLink until Q3 so Corey Stoker, SkySwitch Director of Support was very excited to share these new phones with you.  He has created an exclusive, sneak peek unboxing video for each phone.

I don’t want to reveal any spoilers and ruin the videos for you, but Corey is “The Master of All Details” and has done a very thorough comparison of the T52S and T54S to their predecessors, the T42 andT46.  He’s gotten into lots of details, even noting the difference between the feet on these phones and the older models.

Once these phones are officially released, SkySwitch will be getting them into our SkySwitch Reseller Portal where SkySwitch resellers can order, no-touch provision, and dropship these hot new phones to their customers.  You can read more about how that process works in this blog post.

Enjoy the Videos