Get to Know The BCM One Team


One of the most valuable resources the BCM One is bringing to the table is the passionate individuals that make up their team. Their commitment to uniquely serving their customers has been a key ingredient to their success for decades. 

Get to know the BCM One team and see how they can help you be a more successful and diverse reseller. 

Video Transcript:

Andy Steinke:

My name’s Andy Steinke. I’m the Vice President of Channel Sales for BCM One and have been with the company going on 13 years and I’ve witnessed what amounts to the most growth of our company. 

More than happy to talk about that either now in these questions or later one-on-one. But what I really want to cover right now is just a little bit more about us and introduce someone else who’s very critical to the channel team as well after that. Some of you may know us, some of you may not know us but that’s the whole point of this conversation, right? 

The way I would categorize our company is that we’re a managed technologies company. And that means a lot of managed solutions. We probably do something that you can find complementary to your current businesses. 

Hopefully, you’ll see that today. Where we came from is probably very similar to a lot of the folks on the line right now, how you guys started your business. We started as an extremely customer-centric business almost 30 years ago. Obviously, different landscapes, different products, different ways to approach the market. 

Back then it was kind of like consulting and the whole getting paid on deals from carriers didn’t really exist up until the mid-nineties. We cut our teeth doing a lot of heavy design, heavily focused on project management for clients primarily in the Northeast, and out of that, we took advantage of what was really kind of the opening of the market for the telecom act in the mid-nineties to create our own platform. 

And 20 some odd years later, that kind of advanced the BCM One Holdings Group and affiliates that are out there today as managed solutions and managed technology products. We’re going to go into a little bit more about that and the products that you guys could sell to your clients or work with us to bring to your clients but before we do that, definitely want to introduce Andrew. Andrew, if you want to get a little bit about yourself, that would be great.

Andrew D’Elia: 

Welcome, everybody. I’m the Director of Managed Services and have been in the industry for 20 plus years and have been with BCM One for six-plus years. I’m looking forward to meeting with the whole channel team and working on opportunities. I am responsible for pre-sales engineering, and then also support for all managed services clients. We’re with you for the long haul, throughout the whole process. 

Andy Abramson: 

Speaking of support, we’d be remiss without mentioning that the one and only, Corey Stoker, who really drives our support team and is heavily involved in all product development within SkySwitch. Corey is also with us. Corey, you want to say a few words? 

Corey Stoker:

Hey, it’s great to be here. Good morning, everyone. Thanks for joining us. I think everyone knows me so we can kind of skip over me, but I’m here. If you need me and I’ll be answering questions as we go as well. 

Andy Abramson:

Corey, if you wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on the Q and A, and if you see some questions, you can quickly knock out while either Andrew or Andy or Jayson are all providing some really cool team input. That would be great. Cause we want to keep this thing moving because we know resellers time is valuable. 

The BCM One team and the SkySwitch team have melded together perfectly because their core beliefs are the same. Their passion and commitment to customers are unrivaled. And they have been doing this for a long, long time so you know they have the necessary skills and experience. 

Now that you know the team, check out the full webinar to see how these professionals will help you be a more successful and effective reseller.