Branded Store Portals For SkySwitch Resellers Will Be Rolling Out Soon


User-experience is going to be a huge driver in what separates successful resellers from those falling behind (as we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts). This is why the SkySwitch team has been working hard to roll out a branded store portal. This portal can be customized to fit your company’s needs and directs your end users to buy pre-provisioned phones.

Branded Store Portals Speeds Up the Ordering Process

Instead of receiving order requests from your customers and then placing the order yourself through the SkySwitch store, we’ve eliminated a step in the process. With the branded store portals, it will be possible to let your end users purchase phones directly, with their own credit cards, from the SkySwitch store through a portal that is branded for you. These purchased items will also be able to be configured by the end user, meaning that the MAC address of the device can be linked to the PBX extension in the PBX.

The Branded Store Portals Give Control to SkySwitch Resellers

This new branded store portal helps cut down a step in the ordering process, but it also means that as a SkySwitch reseller, you now have more control. You can decide what devices are available from your branded store, the selling price of devices offered and you can create discount codes for your branded store portal. If you decide to mark up the prices of items in your branded store portal, any amount in excess of the published price from SkySwitch will be paid to you.

How Each Transaction Through the Branded Store Portal Works

From a logistics standpoint, devices that end users purchase through the branded store portal will be fulfilled by one of our distribution partners (888VoiP, Jenne or Teledynamics). The purchases made will appear on the end user’s credit card statement with “PAYG” as the merchant. Since the purchases are technically made between the end-user and SkySwitch, SkySwitch will be responsible for sales tax on all purchases made through the branded store portals.

When SkySwitch Resellers Can Expect the GA Release

We had 20 resellers complete a beta trial of this new feature and are making developments based on the feedback we received.  Updates and taxation processes are currently in the works and we anticipate an official announcement for the general audience release of the branded store portals in March this year.

On the Roadmap

We have a lot of new and exciting development on features roadmap, including the ability for your end users to select and buy a DID, and even the ability to purchase new PBX extensions. Keep posted for new developments coming soon.