Business Communications Move Fast but You Can Move Faster


The way businesses communicate can change so quickly that standing still means you’re falling behind. 

With BCM One and SkySwitch, you won’t just have exciting solutions available to you right now, but also the peace of mind that as the times change, you’ll have an array of solutions that will help keep you at the front of the pack. 

Here’s what the team has in the works.  

Video Transcript:

Andy Abramson:

Jayson, one of the questions we constantly are getting is will SkySwitch resellers be able to resell the BCM One product line and services under their own brand. What’s the answer to that? 

Jayson Jones:

Well, the short answer to that is not at this time. They’re not set up to do that. They’re going to do direct billing. If you want to get these services from BCM One, it’s going to be more of an agent commission type relationship, but let’s talk about some of those services that you can get. 

We just launched our Teams Connector and it’s a very valuable tool and feature that you can take to market and generate some new monthly recurring revenue. And that’s what it’s all about, but if you’re not a Microsoft dealer, where do you buy those licenses? Where do you find Microsoft Office 365 licenses? How do you source those? 

And this is part of what we’re bringing to the SkySwitch reseller channel. Some of these products and services can be sourced from BCM one and they’re supported by BCM One. So you’re able to make those commissions off those products. 

Let’s talk about connectivity. That’s huge. I’m sure many of you have gone into existing clients that need to upgrade their internet. Maybe they want to move to MPLS. Maybe it’s a five-site MPLS deal that you would just take somewhere else. But now you can take it right to BCM One, let their team of professionals get a quota. Get it, get it architected perfectly for you so you can go to market. And then (you) have a sister company, SkySwitch, that’s helping you fulfill that and support that and ensure great service and uptime on that circuit. That’s what it’s all about. Even though you can’t white label it and bill it as your own, you know, it’s coming from BCM One and you’re going to be protected as a valued SkySwitch reseller. 

Andy Abramson:

If someone orders MPLS from BCM One for a multi-site location. Is it going to be possible to connect the circuit to the SkySwitch data center, or is it going to be a better QoS experience by doing it directly with BCM One? Andrew D’Elia, can you answer that question? Because you got multi-site MPLS, you got our resellers connecting their customers to our pops, and now you’ve got the BCM One pops. How do we do it? 

Andrew D’Elia:

On day one, no. Our MPLS networks that we manage and also resell won’t connect into the SkySwitch platform today. But that is on our roadmap. We have all of our assets that a BCM One has been acquiring over time. We’re working through that roadmap and tying into all of them. So SkySwitch is on the docket, we just don’t have a timeline just yet, but that will be coming for sure, making it an end-to-end QoS experience for your clients. 

Andy Abramson:

So explain why having that end-to-end experience is so important and talk about some of the hiccups that can occur if you don’t do it the right way. 

Andrew D’Elia:

The benefit of that (end-to-end QoS) is call quality. Ultimately when a client is leveraging the public internet, yes, the public internet is pretty solid. It has come a long way over time, but there is congestion, especially now, with a lot of people working from home, some of those last miles, and some of those smaller carriers are getting overloaded and we are experiencing some call quality issues related to jitter, packet loss, and latency. Having a QoS enabled, an end-to-end solution, will guarantee that call quality from the customer’s location all the way to the SkySwitch pop. So it is important. There is a demand for it. Clients do come to us asking for QoS enabled, end-to-end networks. And we’re happy to build them. If you have a sizable client, we will build it right away. So it’s just something to bring to the table. Bring us the opportunity. We can review it. 

Andy Abramson:

So you’re able to manage the last mile. Or is connectivity in a way to ensure that the traffic moves at a consistent pace? So you don’t have, as you said, packet loss, buffer, jitter, rebuffering any of the things that, you know, lead to a bad call like echo, one-way audio, all those things are detrimental to a call experience. So by going with MPLS and BCM One, those companies that have a multi-site location setup, or even remote location setups, will be able to have a much better quality of service experience. That’s what I’m hearing you say.

Andrew D’Elia:

That is a hundred percent accurate. Absolutely. And one thing, just to add, all of the services that we do sell on the BCM One platform, we include proactive monitoring and also remediation. We have eyes on glass, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, watching these services that we install for our clients. We’re not just sitting there watching. Should an alert go off, they’re the ones remediating. So we have that extra layer of monitoring and management for our clients. 

Stay ahead of the pack with BCM One. Right now you have new opportunities available to your current customers, and with many new features and opportunities on the way, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the pack, too. 

With the new services available to you right now, you’ll be able to give your customers a unique, effective solution that they’ll love. 

And with the speed of technology, you need a team committed to leading the way like BCM One and SkySwitch. 

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