E911 to Be A Featured Breakout Session At SkySwitch’s Vectors 2019



“E911 in 2020” will be a breakout topic at this year’s SkySwitch User Group Conference, Vectors 2019, scheduled for October 27th – 30th at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort in Orlando, FL. The panel will feature Fulton County Georgia’s Director of Emergency Services, Joe Barasoain, and the City of Baltimore’s Director of 911 Services, Captain Scott L. Brillman.

Moderated by SkySwitch’s Vice President of Business Development, Harlan Hamlin, the three will explore the changes ahead that resellers, and their customers, need to be aware of in the next 12 months.

“Kari’s Law came into effect late in 2018 and is just one example of what resellers need to be apprised of, so their customers avoid unnecessary risks, and the liability associated with those, when it comes to dialing 911,” said SkySwitch President Eric Hernaez. “At many conferences this year, a lot of the attention was focused on robocalling and STIR/Shaken, so while we’re covering that topic as well, we felt that as annoying as those calls can be, that we’d shed light on something that can save lives, stop crimes, or help those in need with just a phone call.”

Resellers will hear first-hand accounts from Brillman and Barasoain during the Tuesday morning, 8 a.m. post-breakfast session. “When I moved from Virginia to Fulton County, I saw first hand what happens when someone hasn’t updated their E911 information,” said Joe Barasoain, Fulton County Georgia’s Director of Emergency Services. “Now with VoIP deployments having moved to the mainstream within businesses, educational institutions and in the hospitality sectors, those selling telecom need to know the risks and what they have to do in order to not only comply with Kari’s law but to ensure that the phone systems they sell meet the new status quo next year.”

For many, 911 is a once in a lifetime experience, but for others, like retail businesses, restaurants, doctors’ offices and hotels, 911 can happen rather often. “Having properly configured telephone systems and making sure address information is up to date are just two of the crucial components of a sound 911 response policy for businesses today,” added Scott L. Brillman, Director of the City of Baltimore’s 911 Services. “You’d be amazed at the number of dispatches that go out each day nationwide to the wrong address, or to a multi-tenant building where police, fire or ambulance lose valuable time locating the calling party due to dated, incomplete or inaccurate information, or sometimes none at all.”

About Joseph A. Barasoain
Joseph A. Barasoain became the Director of Emergency Services in September of 2014. His 26 years of experience spans three states and includes roles as police captain, chief of operations, emergency manager and law enforcement training instructor. Joe is a graduate of the University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute Executive Leadership Program as well as the University of Richmond’s Professional Executive Leadership School. In addition, Joe holds a Master’s Degree in Management from St. Thomas University and is an APCO Registered Public Safety Leader.

About Scott L. Brillman
Captain Scott L. Brillman is a public safety leader with expertise in emergency management and organizational change, serving in the Baltimore City Fire Department since 2003. Captain Brillman currently directs Baltimore’s 911 communication center, which under his tenure won the International 911 center “Team of the Year Award” from the International Association of Public Safety Communications Officials for the 911 center’s excellence in professionalism and performance in 2016. Captain Brillman proudly leads a workforce who handle more than 1.5 million emergency calls per year; the busiest in Maryland. He is currently tasked with transforming the organization into a “next generation ready” communications center, and with planning and implementing future innovations for the City’s 911 public safety system.

About Vectors 2019
Vectors 2019 is SkySwitch’s annual user group conference developed to provide SkySwitch’s customers with valuable training and content. Attendees can take advantage of networking opportunities with SkySwitch partners, resellers and industry experts while sharpening their skills and learning about the latest tech advancements in the UCaaS industry.

About SkySwitch
SkySwitch is the US-based, next-generation communications platform provider offering white-labeled Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) solutions to telecommunication and business technology resellers across North America. Customers include MSPs, agents, interconnects, ISPs, WISPs and VARs. SkySwitch provides resellers with the competitive advantages required to succeed in today’s overcrowded marketplace by combining best-in-class customer support, with an advanced cloud-based UCaaS platform, delivering feature-rich voice, video, text and fax communications.