Founder and President of SkySwitch, Eric Hernaez, Talks to Telecom Reseller About Distinctive Branding

SKY Podcst Temp 1200x628

On August 26th, 2019, Eric Hernaez, Founder and President of SkySwitch, sat down with Doug Green of Telecom Reseller to talk about what’s new with SkySwitch. From that conversation, arose the importance of creating products and services that stand out, and how SkySwitch prioritizes the success of their partners by offering white labeled services with the support for personalized, distinctive branding. The great support for personalized branding is just one of the ways SkySwitch makes telecom industry success easy for VARs, interconnects, agents and MSPs.

“MSPs are being forced to answer the question, ‘how do we move to the cloud?’ And we answer that question for them,” Eric Hernaez said. Being able to go to market quickly with innovative technologies that you can brand yourself, and completely own the customers you land, make SkySwitch an easy answer for MSPs interested in moving to the cloud.

In addition, Eric Hernaez made an announcement about a featured keynote speaker to participate in SkySwitch’s Vectors 2019. Jeff Pulver, a telecom luminary, will be speaking on “Now Is the Best Time to Be Selling UCaaS”.

To listen to the full podcast, make sure to visit Telecom Reseller.