Get Great Results with ReachUC for International Travel


My wife and were invited by our close friends to join them on a ten day holiday to Phuket, Thailand. Understanding they were Marriott time share owners and the hotel was 100% free to us, we immediately jumped all over the offer and here we are enjoying the sites, food and culture of some the kindest people I have ever met on our planet. Gracious and always smiling, the people of Thailand have cornered the market on the term “customer service”. Nothing short of outstanding in every regard.

Before we embarked on the long trip to Southeast Asia, I considered contacting AT&T to activate their international voice/data plan for $10 per day but said to myself, “hey, this is a vacation and what can I not do with WIFI, text and email so I opted out of activating the plan. Now into day eight of the trip, I realized how much I really needed voice communication with family and business associates. That is where ReachUC comes into the story. WIFI is amazing here in Asia and therefore, using ReachUC on my iPhone8 was nothing short of brilliant. From the stability of my ten minute conversations, the call quality and SMS to my staff mates, it performed remarkably well.

I guess the moral of the story is this. If you are lucky enough to have a service provider offering ReachUC, you can skirt paying AT&T or other mobile carriers their premium international voice/data access and get along just fine while traveling abroad. Enjoy your holidays this summer wherever they may take you and remember to get ReachUC on your smartphones, you’ll be glad you did!