How to Help Your Customers Get More out of Teams Connector


Teams Connector by SkySwitch is specifically designed and refined to make getting the most out of Microsoft Teams easier than ever before. 

The better your customers can navigate Teams Connector the happier they’ll be. 

Here we have Andy Abramson, Corey Stoker, and Micah Singer giving you the information you need to ensure your customers are enjoying Teams Connector as much as possible.

Video Transcript:

Andy Abramson

It’s really important everybody understands that there’s the native integration and then there’s what we’ve done to make Teams Connector work more elegantly. And the interface much more simplified so resellers can get this up and running for their customers. 

Corey Stoker

It’s a very simple process to go through this setup, we’ll show a little bit of that during this presentation that we have documents and videos to show a little bit more. 

Micah Singer

Yeah. So on this slide –  this is some of what we’ve just been talking about – on the left are the steps you would go through if you want to use direct routing, which any Microsoft business can use if they buy the right licenses and so forth. And they understand that they have an SBC, they’ve set up the infrastructure essentially.

On the right is what SkySwitch has done with Teams Connector, which is to create something that allows the work to flow for you and for anyone who wants to sell this to businesses.

The second bullet point is Microsoft Direct Routing again, but it’s the ease of provisioning management and resale and the branding is really key. 

What we’ve done is support the individual SIP user registration. So it’s still the same PBX. 

And a question that comes up a lot is this is a plus one softphone. So you can use whatever softphone or hard phones you’re using already. Is this on top of that or is it a replacement, Corey?

Corey Stoker

Yeah, it fits into the user seat. So, as most of you know, you have 10 devices under individual users. This could be just one of those devices. 

The idea behind Teammates’ technology is to turn Microsoft Teams into just another softphone, but the place where people are working and there are positives and negatives to it, which I think we’re going to get through but it seems to be in some demand.

We want to answer “Who this app is for and who this app isn’t for?” Because there’s a lot of things to think about when you’re thinking about selling Microsoft products. 

Who this app is really for is if you’re already someone who’s reselling Microsoft products. If you’re already reselling Office 365 or Microsoft 365, this is going to fit in very well for you.

Now, we also ask if you’re already familiar with Microsoft, and this is more around the Microsoft admin console, is there’s a good chance that you’re going to have to do some walk-throughs and support for the Microsoft admin console for your end-users. If they have their own Microsoft and you’re just integrating it, you’re probably going to have to do at least a little bit of walkthrough with that individual.

And that brings us to the global admin dilemma. One thing that is kind of different about Teams and Teammate is we need to have permissions to be able to write into the PowerShell with API.

And we need to be able to make administrative changes into the Microsoft ad council. So you have to get the global admin involved. So if this is you, you’re the reseller, the MSP that is provisioning Microsoft, and you can just add yourself as a global admin for a day. And that makes it very simple. 

But if you’re working with a company that is not your customer, you are going to have to be the one that walks the tech or the administrator through setting up the application because inside of the Teammates’ portal, they’re going to have to be the ones provisioning users and setting up the direct routing, just because they have the permissions to do so within the Microsoft admin council.

The more equipped you are with the finer points of Teams Connector the better you can equip your customers. When they know what to do, their customer satisfaction will only go up. 

Want even more information? Check out the full webinar right here.