Navigating the VoIP Reseller Program Market: How to Choose the Best One for Your Customers


Many businesses have moved their phone services to a VoIP platform in recent years to leverage its convenience, flexibility, and cost savings alongside the communication benefits that come with the latest technology. VoIP provides all the advantages of an enterprise phone system without the cumbersome overhead of expensive equipment, phone line installation, and maintenance. 

Becoming a reseller offers the benefits of a turkey communication solution that your customers need, while maintaining control and transparency in your services. Your customers want today’s advanced communication features with the flexibility and cost savings of adding or reducing services on demand to match the scale of their operations. 

Resellers are also looking for new revenue streams, and this flexible model offers them a variety of new options while helping their customers save money and improving their business communications. VoIP reselling offers new opportunities to upsell existing customers while increasing their appeal to new customers. 

What Is a VoIP Reseller Program and How Does It Work?

VoIP resellers leverage the products and services of another established company while expanding their own brand through white labeling. White labeling gives managed service providers, consultants, IT companies, and many other businesses the advantage of offering unified communications services to their clients without starting from scratch. Even better, it leverages an established business with the reseller’s brand. 

While many businesses leverage reseller programs, some products still carry the original brand name. The retailer is permitted to market the product or service as an authorized reseller, such as when a big box store sells phones from well-known brands. In contrast, white labeling allows the reseller to use their own logos or brand name to market and sell the items as their own. For example, Costco’s Kirkland batteries are actually made by Duracell, but Costco labels and markets them as their own without having to establish a factory to produce their own batteries.

This white-label concept is the same for white-labeled VoIP services. The reseller rebrands the services, and the provider’s quality and reliability become synonymous with the reseller’s name. Depending upon the VoIP reseller program, the reseller gains positive brand recognition and an instant revenue stream for an in-demand, established service without building it from the ground up. Resellers also increase their brand offerings with minimal to no upfront costs and significantly reduced risk when using an established provider known for outstanding service and reliability.

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Is There Room for Another VoIP Reseller?

Companies are always looking for ways to reduce expenses and increase profits. With the push from traditional telephone companies to multiple services bundled into one platform, many businesses are seeking telecommunications solutions that can deliver what they need without purchasing other services that they don’t. VoIP fits the bill, enabling clear voice calls without having to install phone lines, wait for installation, or invest in expensive equipment. It gives small businesses all the advantages of an enterprise PBX system at a fraction of the cost, with even more flexibility.

So, why wouldn’t customers go directly to the provider rather than through you as a reseller? Statistics show that based on history, consumers want to do business with companies they have confidence in. One Salesforce study finds that almost 90% of customers will purchase from the same company again after experiencing positive customer service. Your customers already have a relationship with you, and this offering gives them a service they need from a source they know and trust. 

How Does Being a VoIP Reseller Benefit My Businesses?

The primary objective of a for-profit business is to make money. One of the fastest ways to grow your business is by adding new recurring revenue streams. Choosing to resell VoIP gives your company an entry into a highly lucrative industry that is projected to see a 14.5% compound annual growth rate through 2031

Adding new service offerings to an existing business is also a great way to diversify. If you are already in the telecommunications or technology industry, VoIP may be highly complementary to your current offerings and can reenergize an existing client base that could have otherwise looked to another company for their telephony services. If adding VoIP to your business model expands your capabilities, it is an excellent way to acquire a new group of customers eager to leverage its many advantages. 

Becoming a VoIP reseller can give you greater control of your expenses as you expand your business. Managing your cash outlay is a key consideration for any business looking to increase its profits. The less you pay to acquire the services, the more you have available for other aspects of your operation. No upfront capital investment and per-seat pricing allow you to pay for only what you need when you need it, a key aspect to consider when choosing a provider.

In addition, reselling VoIP services does not require extensive technical knowledge. Top providers offer training and support as well as fully managed solutions, enabling your team to concentrate on selling the services. Look for a scalable service offering that includes provisioning, management, and network maintenance to alleviate any concern about network capacity. 

How Does Being a VoIP Reseller Benefit Your Customers?

The pandemic highlighted the need for a more agile, flexible, and adaptable way to do business under quickly changing conditions. A VoIP option with geographical redundancy and high availability ensures business continuity. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), including VoIP, enables companies to collaborate, communicate, and serve customers from anywhere an internet connection exists on one centralized platform. 

As a VoIP reseller, you are in a unique position to educate and inform customers about the value of VoIP and all that it offers. A high-quality VoIP service can be part of a larger, fully integrated solution. While many may already use VoIP, they may not know all that is available to them with an integrated UCaaS solution. Your customers want to save money, so they will welcome learning how to increase productivity while cutting expenses from someone they know and respect.

Even if your customers are already familiar with the benefits of VoIP and UCaaS, you can give them greater insight into other value propositions your service offers, such as streamlining their recruitment process. A unified communications service expands the talent pool for prospective new hires to an almost unlimited geographical area. It also enables more diversity and inclusion for disabled workers. 

Offering remote work options can turn existing employees into recruitment ambassadors. One study finds that 97% of remote employees want to continue working remotely, and the same number would recommend remote work to others in their network. This kind of value demonstrates to your customers that VoIP can benefit them in a multitude of ways they may not have considered.

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How Do I Choose the Best VoIP Reseller Program?

When researching for VoIP white-label reseller programs, consider a company that exhibits the qualities you want your customers to associate with your brand. A well-respected provider of premium services with 99.999% uptime is your goal. Best-in-class reseller training and product support are a must to ensure you have expert resources for your team so they can better assist your customers. 

In addition, consider the scalability of the solution and the costs associated with it. Per-seat pricing means your customers don’t pay for unneeded services, and it allows customers to scale up or down to sync with business demand. No upfront capital investment is a huge bonus, as well. Another option that can provide improved ROI is the ability to leverage volume discounts from carrier partners. 

Finally, consider the breadth of options the provider offers. Look for features that increase productivity, streamline business management tasks, and increase data and system security, such as: 

  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)
  • Built-in tools for fast, professional online sales quotes
  • Automated invoicing and collection tools
  • A taxation engine
  • App integration for streamlined bookkeeping
  • Data encryption
  • Security to detect and deter unauthorized access and fraudulent activity
  • QoS Monitor
  • Mobile and desktop softphone 

Join a Best-In-Class VoIP Reseller Program

Choosing a white-label VoIP reseller program is an essential step in expanding your business. However, since it will carry your brand and reflect on your business, you must carefully consider the features, reliability, dependability, and costs to determine the benefits. Look for a reseller program that provides best-in-class technology and service in one fully managed UCaaS solution, including provisioning, management, integrations, and network maintenance. With no capital outlay and predictable operating expenses, SkySwitch resellers can increase customer loyalty, expand their business offerings, create a recurring revenue stream, and enjoy high-margin returns of 70% or more. Resellers have 24/7 access to product training and customer support to equip their sales team. It’s a great day to partner with SkySwitch. Contact us to get started as a VoIP reseller.