How to Overcome Emerging Challenges and Maximize Opportunities in the UCaaS Market

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Efficient business communication is essential for overall productivity, workforce engagement, and consumer satisfaction. With so many business owners and IT decision-makers recognizing the value of integrating the numerous communication technologies they rely on throughout the day, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is becoming (if it hasn’t already) the standard for effective and efficient solutions. The demand is so strong that market analysts anticipate a CAGR of more than 20% through 2030.

With so many companies actively seeking UCaaS providers, there’s also been a marked increase in the number of IT consultants, managed service providers, and other like-minded business professionals expanding their list of services by offering UCaaS to their customers. But instead of devoting their resources to building an entire platform from the ground up, they’re meeting and exceeding consumer expectations by partnering with established UCaaS platform providers.

For nearly anyone interested in business opportunities within the UCaaS market, branding and reselling UCaaS is one of the best ways to overcome any emerging challenges to the industry’s rapidly evolving communication and collaboration technology.  

Why Single and Multi-Location Business Owners are Investing in UCaaS   

Many business owners realize that paying the increasingly high cost of keeping their analog in-house phone systems relevant is counterproductive. They’re tired of absorbing the cost of installing, maintaining, and repairing legacy technology while paying for multiple services to ensure their remote and hybrid teams have the cloud-hosted tools they need for secure, efficient connectivity, the essentials of modern business communication.  

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With UCaaS, business owners get the reliable, cost-effective solutions they need without having to purchase a lot of expensive equipment. Most can continue using their existing in-house phone systems thanks to session-initiated protocols (SIP) and voice-over internet protocols (VoIP). Businesses that don’t have SIP-enabled phones can still take advantage of everything UCaaS offers by purchasing inexpensive analog telephone adaptors (ATAs). Once they’ve transitioned to the cloud, their teams can access everything they need from nearly any PC, tablet, or smartphone.

How White Label Opportunities Help Resellers Overcome the Challenges of Emerging Technology

The best way to keep any business profitable (and relevant) in an uncertain economy is to offer in-demand products and services. Although market projections suggest that business owners adding UCaaS to the list of services offered to their customers could see a healthy return on their investment, most don’t have the technical background or financial backing they’d need to develop, implement, manage, and maintain their own platform. That’s where white-label service fits into the equation.

Branding and reselling white-label UCaaS gives nearly anyone with an existing customer base a way to establish their company as a “one-stop shop” for premier-quality business communication and collaboration solutions. Although numerous telecom platforms offer reseller programs, only UCaaS gives you the ability to help your customers build a customizable stack of solutions that suits their current and future needs.

With the right platform provider, there’s no need to worry about overcoming the emerging challenges of rapidly evolving technology. You own the customer relationship. Your platform provider manages and maintains the entire technological ecosystem, including the following examples, at a level that gives their resellers the peace of mind that comes with knowing their customers and brand reputation are well-protected.

System Security

With cloud-sourced reseller services of nearly any kind, platform providers are tasked with the security of their physical systems and transmitted data. Reputable UCaaS platform providers invest in the highest levels of data encryption available. 

They’re compliant with the complex, rapidly evolving national and international regulatory standards and protect your business with multi-factor authentication (MFA) protected data security, transport layer security (TLS), and secure real-time transport. End-users, your customers, also have access to the industry-specific security standards they need: HIPPA, PCI (payment card industry), DSS (data security standard), and more.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery keeps your white-label UCaaS service operational and accessible during internet outages, power outages, or gateway failures. In addition to having robust backup power systems in place, your UCaaS reseller partner’s geo-redundancy ensures uninterrupted service. 

UCaaS platform providers relying on geo-redundancy to minimize the risk of service interruptions separate their data center across multiple locations. If one server is malfunctioning or goes down for any reason, another can be used to keep communication going strong. Most often, connection failures are detected within milliseconds, and data packets are promptly redirected to ensure high-quality, reliable service.

Innovative Integrations

Communication services aren’t all that unified without secure workflow integrations. Most major UCaaS providers offer a range of native integrations as well as an open application programming interface (API) that makes customization and the efficient merging of third-party applications into the platform, including tech like artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, and machine learning (ML), a lot easier than you might expect. Machine learning algorithms build the “training data” that allow AI solutions to make predictions and appropriate decisions without being explicitly programmed for a task.

STIR/SHAKEN Compliance

UCaaS resellers and their customers appreciate knowing their business communication technology is compliant with all FCC standards. Consider STIR/ SHAKEN compliance, for example. Adopted in 2021, secure telephony identification revisited (STIR) and secure handling of asserted information using tokens (SHAKEN) are industry standard authentication technology that ensures your customers can trust that callers identified in their system are who they claim to be. This technology is crucial for protecting US consumers from fraudulent activity and tactics encouraging UCaaS users to answer incoming calls that could lead to identity theft. While this is just one of numerous possible examples of the many ways UCaaS platform providers take the technical responsibilities off your shoulders, it serves to illustrate how compliancy evolves as technology advances.

System Monitoring

UCaaS network monitoring helps ensure a consistently favorable user experience by utilizing multiple tools to provide key performance indicators and system insights. For example, access to performance data through network monitoring tools, like the real-time transport control protocol (RTCP) used to monitor supported SIP-enabled phones, provide network feedback on service endpoints, a benefit that makes it easier to diagnose potential connectivity issues remotely. Tests measuring throughput speed, capacity, and data packet quality assess the user experience. With the right service provider, resellers have access to dashboards displaying the results of real-time monitoring (and network health) through a user-friendly portal and 24/7 support should problems arise.   

Administrative Automation

Most subscription billing services support only simple, industry-specific models. As providers of communication and collaboration solutions adopted by businesses of all sizes across numerous industries, UCaaS platforms are tasked with overcoming the ongoing challenges involved in accommodating many tens of thousands of subscribers between multiple systems and entities. In addition to building, monitoring, and maintaining an automated administrative system involving a massive catalog, there’s also the issue of navigating diverse pricing, subscription, and taxation models across multiple regions with rapidly evolving exemptions and inclusions. Despite the many challenges of streamlining and automating accounts reflecting numerous variables, end-users expect full transparency and real-time access to usage data presented in a way that makes sense for their business.  

How White Label UCaaS Gives Resellers Ample Opportunities to Impress Their Customers

Numerous sources credit the cost-effective nature of UCaaS for the impressive increase in demand. As a UCaaS reseller, you’re offering that and more. Whether you’re adding UCaaS to expand a list of products and services your community has relied on for years or building your entire brand on a single reseller partnership agreement, having a white-label UCaaS partner ensures you have everything you need to provide your customers with everything they need to keep communication moving toward the future, including video conferencing, remote file sharing, AI-enhanced chatbots, virtual fax solutions, and carrier-class call center services.

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With your business backed by a service provider taking on the challenges of security, compliance, administrative automation, and the development and implementation of future technologies, you can focus on bringing the best combinations of UCaaS services to each of your customers. 

Whether your clients prefer starting with a small number of features accessible to a limited number of workers or a corporate-wide rollout over multiple locations, the following benefits for resellers and their clients have the potential to give nearly anyone looking for a way to maximize their opportunities in the UCaaS market up to 70% margins.

Reducing Communication Costs

Many business owners are paying for legacy telephone service in addition to their collaboration and customer service solutions. When they no longer have enough phone lines to keep pace with business growth, they’re paying the high cost of installing additional circuits. They’re also absorbing the charges for lines that are rarely used and additional services they don’t need. UCaaS subscribers can add or eliminate active users as needed. For most, that benefit alone translates to considerable savings.

Providing Flexibility & Scalability

As a UCaaS reseller, your customers are sure to appreciate the flexibility they have using your scalable communication and collaboration services. You help them decide which of your many offerings are best aligned with their needs. 

The number of active users on their account can be increased or decreased as needed, and access to specific features can be implemented company-wide or reserved for just a few select workers. Since UCaaS gives resellers access to a complete range of communication and collaboration technologies, there’s less risk of losing accounts to the competition because they’ve “outgrown” their provider.

Promoting Efficient Collaboration

Having to navigate between disparate communication technologies creates gaps that can have a negative impact on overall efficiency. Cloud-hosted UCaaS helps bridge those gaps by giving authorized end-users access to the tools they need from the convenience of a single user-friendly interface accessible from nearly any internet-capable device. With a unified knowledge base and consistent messaging, there’s less time lost to efficiency-busting misinformation and miscommunications. UCaaS also integrates with other commonly used business technologies and many industry-specific applications.

Offering Omnichannel Contact Center Services  

Many UCaaS reseller customers need cost-effective contact center solutions. With cloud-hosted UCaaS omnichannel contact center services, you’re offering your customers a way to book appointments, transfer calls, provide after-hours support, and resolve customer service issues without having to hire a receptionist or keep a customer support team on staff. They’ll have access to speech-to-text technology, real-time call data, and the ability to connect with their clients in the many ways today’s tech-savvy consumers prefer to communicate: by phone, instant messaging, chatbots, or AI-enhanced short-message service (SMS).

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Experienced white-label UCaaS platform providers make it easy to generate recurring revenue. A dedicated support specialist team in your corner helps build brand value. Although it’s the responsibility of your reseller partner to overcome the challenges of emerging technologies, it’s also in their best interest to give you the support you need as you’re learning the platform and billing system, access to a team of dedicated onboarding specialists, and the help you need providing exceptional support to your customers.

Could a UCaaS Reseller Opportunity Help Your Customers Overcome Their Emerging Challenges?

White-label telecom services are developed, managed, and maintained by one company, then offered to others for branding and reselling. It’s an arrangement that gives resellers, IT consultants, managed service providers, and even legacy telephone companies the ability to offer the cost-effective communication and collaboration services their customers are looking for without having to worry about how they’re going to manage the technology.

In 2021, the global UCaaS market had an estimated value of more than $48 billion. Experts expect that number to increase to more than $262 billion by 2030 as companies across numerous industries embrace cloud-hosted communication and collaboration technologies. While the numbers clearly suggest there may be no better time to offer white-label UCaaS to your customers, it’s important to understand that not all UCaaS reseller arrangements are the same.

To learn more about partnering with a white-label UCaaS platform that makes it easy for their resellers to meet and exceed consumer expectations, visit SkySwitch to submit a contact form. We offer exceptional platform training, 24/7 reseller support, minimal start-up fees, and the ability to set your own prices.