5 Benefits of UCaaS for Any Organization


UCaaS isn’t just seeing a steady growth rate—the industry is expected to grow at 20.6% CAGR annually until at least 2030. This is good news for resellers who add UCaaS to their product offerings: your team can capitalize on that growth and ensure you’re answering the increased demand in your niche. 

But this is important news for client organizations, too: with so many companies expected to adopt and scale their investment in UCaaS, that’s a solid indication that companies should jump on the trend and access the benefits before their competitors gain too much of a competitive advantage. 

However, many companies may be slow to adopt. Maybe they think the solution is just intended for enterprise organizations, or they believe their tech stack—while not ideal—is sufficient. Perhaps it all comes down to the bottom line, and procurement teams refuse to move forward. 

If you’ve experienced resistance for your clients who say UCaaS isn’t the right fit for them, we’ve prepared a list of reasons why any organization of any size or industry should make 2023 the year they move forward.

Position UCaaS as a Unified Solution

First, it’s essential to educate organizations about what UCaaS is. Prospects who decided it wasn’t for them will likely have only a partial or outdated understanding. That lack of knowledge might be partially powering their resistance. So make sure your pitches and outreach are educational, and focus on these two critical aspects of what UCaaS is to put its benefits front and center:

  1. It’s a delivery model that supports multiple internal and customer-facing communication functions (telephony, apps, instant messaging, unified messaging, A/V meetings technology, and communication tools built into business processes) based on each organization’s unique needs.
  2. A third-party provider manages the entire ecosystem.

Client organizations may think UCaaS is too big, bulky, and generalized for their needs. So reframing the delivery model as a customizable system that someone else handles can make people think of the problems they can solve in their company.

Top 5 Benefits of UCaaS for Organizations in Any Industry or Niche

Now, take a look at the benefits that every organization can enjoy. Having these points at the ready is an excellent strategy because they can apply to virtually any prospect:

1. Connect employees across different locations and work setups.

Every organization has employees that work together but don’t work face-to-face. Remote employees will need to collaborate with in-office employees. Two employees across the country from each other will need to communicate. 

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Employees working different shifts in the same physical location must share updates and verify tasks. UCaaS solutions create a universal, standardized set of processes for communicating and connecting without using unauthorized third-party tools or leaving a spotty record.

2. Save money with a personalized tech stack that fits immediate and long-term business needs.

At first, selecting various tools as your organization needs them may seem the best way to personalize a tech stack. But this is expensive and complicated:

  • On-market tools that go directly to organizations often have bloatware and features they don’t need or require a “Plus” plan just to access a critical element. UCaaS can be personalized with just the right features, saving companies money from features they don’t want.
  • Building a tech stack one piece at a time over an extended timeline will fill the tech stack with costly overlaps and just as expensive gaps. It also limits choices based on compatibility with previous selections, driving up costs and complications.
  • Guessing at current needs and then needing to switch to future business needs is incredibly expensive. Cancellation costs, licenses left on the table, and the cost of migration (let the price in lost productivity) add up.

3. Build a scalable tech stack that’s easy to manage.

Just like every organization needs a business plan (which can result in 30% faster growth for small businesses), every organization needs a technology plan to keep pace with growth and changes in the market. UCaaS models are straightforward to scale up and down, making them ideal for the following:

  • Scaling businesses that are growing at a fast rate
  • Slowly growing companies that see growth at radically different rates year after year
  • Seasonal businesses that need to scale up and down following peak and off-peak months

Trying to manage a dynamically-sized tech stack is hard work, and it can use up an internal IT expert’s entire workweek.

It’s also easy for self-managed companies to forget about licenses, run into cancelation complications, or jump to a new pricing tier just because of a few extra licenses—for each platform. With UCaaS, all those to-dos are the service provider’s responsibility.

4. Prioritize cybersecurity with a contained ecosystem.

Small- and medium-sized businesses are a target for cyberattacks, with 43% of data breaches affecting these groups. While every organization needs a comprehensive cybersecurity plan, building your tech stack for data integrity and close communication is essential. 

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With UCaaS, internal and client-facing communications happen across known platforms and secure channels. There’s a much lower risk of cybersecurity issues when your employees aren’t finding third-party apps because they don’t like the limited or disparate options most companies provide.

5. UCaaS isn’t one-size-fits-all, especially with five-star support.

Every business is unique, and UCaaS accounts for that. Whether an organization needs top-notch video communication tools for live meetings and recording training demos or needs the most reliable instant messaging and virtual fax tools for field service workers, the correct UCaaS configuration is out there. 

But it’s more than just the concept and the tools that make UCaaS so versatile. It’s because the service provider handles setup and implementation, integration, and ongoing support. Each tool can be leveraged as effectively as possible, even for organizations that don’t have in-house IT teams.

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