How UCaaS Benefits IT Resellers

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Not that long ago, many business owners were relatively pleased with the results of investing in cloud-hosted video collaboration services and file-sharing software, adding them to existing operational procedures. Now that they’ve been living with their “workaround” solutions for a few years, most have discovered that working with a mix of analog and digital technologies has significantly increased their communication costs while decreasing workplace efficiency.

Tired of wasting time and money, they’re now investing in the services of companies reselling UCaaS platforms and solutions. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) resellers generate consistent revenue by delivering the cost-effective communication and collaboration solutions their clients need without significantly increasing their own workload.

Once you know how reselling UCaaS benefits information technology (IT) companies, wireless internet service providers (WISPs), managed service providers (MSPs), and other telecom-adjacent businesses, you may want to consider leveraging a partnership of your own.

Why Choose a White-Label Platform Provider When Reselling UCaaS Solutions?

UCaaS resellers gain the ability to provide today’s most in-demand business communication solutions without having to invest in the high cost of developing, implementing, and maintaining the system. Tech companies expanding their business portfolios by reselling UCaaS own the customer experience while their platform provider monitors and manages the technology.

But not all reseller arrangements work the same way. Some resellers work as agents; others enter co-branded business arrangements. Most resellers entering these partnerships are paid a commission for every lead or newly activated account. However, their co-branded user portals and marketing materials make it abundantly clear to clients that they’re subscribing to communication services sold by one company and managed by another.

White-label products and services are developed by one company and then made available to others to brand and resell. For resellers building their business and brand reputation on UCaaS, white-label platforms are the more attractive option—a service they can resell as their own.

How Reseller Clients Benefit from UCaaS

When business owners first began supporting their workplace needs and consumer preferences with video conferencing, live chat, and other digital communication services, most had little, if any, intention of subscribing to those solutions long-term. Today, these communication technologies are business essentials. 

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UCaaS resellers offer a cloud-hosted alternative, a solution known for giving business owners unparalleled call quality and compatibility with a full complement of features designed to maximize efficiency and productivity. Instead of relying on a complex network of aging wires and cables, their incoming and outbound calls are converted to digital packets transmitted over the Internet. This means they’re accessible from nearly any combination of PCs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

When reselling UCaaS solutions to your clients it’s best to look for a partner who works with experienced, reputable platform providers. Quality partners have everything you need to establish your brand as a one-stop shop capable of accommodating your client’s current and future business communication needs. Reselling UCaaS comes with an impressive number of features and benefits, including the following examples. 

Modernization without Investing in Expensive Hardware Upgrades

UCaaS consolidates your client’s voice, video, text, and data services into a single, user-friendly interface. But end users won’t need to invest in expensive hardware upgrades to take advantage of everything UCaaS has to offer. Although many UCaaS subscribers eventually upgrade to VoIP-enabled phone systems, it’s not a requirement.

Many business owners find they can continue using their analog phone system with a UCaaS platform by taking advantage of session-initiated protocol (SIP) trunking and voice over internet protocol (VoIP). SIP converts analog voice transmission to data packets. VoIP transmits those converted signals over broadband internet. Legacy phone systems that are not SIP-enabled can be converted with an inexpensive analog telephone adaptor (ATA).

A Customizable Stack of Cost-Effective Services  

Market analysts expect UCaaS to drive an impressive 20% CAGR through 2030. Numerous sources credit the cost-effective nature of UCaaS for the dramatic increase in demand. Others are quick to point out that business owners appreciate having the freedom to build the ideal stack of solutions for their internal communication needs and accommodate rapidly evolving consumer preferences, such as omnichannel support.

Whether your client chooses to start with just enough access to support a limited number of remote workers or wants a corporate-wide rollout complete with nearly everything UCaaS has to offer, their communication costs will be predictable and easily managed. The number of services subscribed to (and the number of active users) can be added or eliminated as needed, and every service is documented on a single invoice, even for companies with a global reach.

Applications Designed to Optimize Workplace Efficiency

UCaaS service providers offer a lot more than easy access to multiple modes of business communication. In addition to having the ideal mix of enterprise features for their company, UCaaS also gives decision-makers the ability to incorporate multiple applications and integrations into their interface. They can implement customer relations management (CRM) tools, data analytics software, and workflow solutions that give managers and team leaders the insight needed to optimize.

When reselling UCaaS, consider partnering with platform providers who leverage standard-based APIs. That way, your clients won’t need to sacrifice familiar third-party software to slash the cost of business communication or run industry-specific applications independently. 

In fact, many software applications can be fine-tuned to accommodate specific business needs. It’s a level of adaptability that also gives every authorized user the ability to work with multiple apps simultaneously.

Optional Call Center Support and AI-Enhanced Features  

Call centers typically handle incoming and outgoing voice communication on behalf of the companies investing in their services. Some call centers can also be contracted to book appointments, answer frequently asked questions, and provide customer care. Although not a feature every small to mid-sized organization will take advantage of, most appreciate having the ability to keep their options open.

Resellers leveraging call center support have clients also taking advantage of AI-enhanced business SMS, chatbots, and text-to-speech (TTS) services for an omnichannel approach. SMS and chatbots paired with today’s teachable AI technology mimic the subtleties of conversational speech, providing a more familiar customer experience. 

Once a tool primarily used for “read along” service, today’s TTS capabilities are helping companies reach a global audience by eliminating language barriers.

When UCaaS resellers partner with platform providers that make it easy to integrate real-time call analytics into the equation, business administrators and their management teams can track call volume, hold times, and contact duration. They’ll also know at a glance which multimedia channels their customers engage with most often. 

Choosing the Best UCaaS Reseller Partner for Your Business

Before subscribing to UCaaS services, most businesses pay monthly (or annual) fees for the digital services they need for internal communication and customer care. They also take on monthly fees for legacy (analog) phone service, which is often limited in its total number of simultaneous channels. When their customers need more connectivity, they’re forced to absorb the cost of having a technician install additional circuits. 

By reselling UCaaS, you’re establishing your business as the answer to your clients’ communication pain points. You can become the company that understands their needs and has the right solution. But as you consider what expanding your business portfolio could mean for the clients you serve, there are several factors to look for to ensure you’re making the best decision for your brand.

Minimal Startup Costs and Reseller Training  

With the right platform partner, IT resellers have a turnkey arrangement with minimal startup costs, month-to-month terms, and rates that ensure consistent monthly revenue. The best UCaaS reseller platform providers offer a variety of service options and add-ons while also empowering their reseller partners to customize their service bundles and set their own prices.

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It’s always in the best interest of any white-label provider to ensure their retail partners have everything they need for long-term success. Therefore, look for reseller opportunities with well-established companies that offer a comprehensive onboarding process, live (web conference) one-on-one platform specialist training, and 24/7 reseller support.

Dependable Connectivity and Advanced System Security

Security breaches can be catastrophic for resellers and the clients relying on their services. The best UCaaS platform providers have security measures built into the system. Look for the following factors when reselling UCaaS to your clients.

  • Advanced threat assessment tools protecting the infrastructure
  • Technology designed to help detect and deter unauthorized access, fraudulent activity, and connection failures
  • Monitoring systems that can detect anomalies within milliseconds and redirect data packets to help ensure uninterrupted service

With enough built-in redundancy, UCaaS resellers are also spared the potential backlash caused by internet outages, power outages, or gateway issues. Should connectivity fail for any reason, incoming calls can be routed to an alternate number. Look for (or ask about) protocols like multi-factor authentication (MFA) protected data security, transport layer security (TLS), and real-time transport protocols.  

Discover How Reselling UCaaS Could Benefit Your Business 

Branding and reselling UCaaS is an easy way to expand your business without having to develop, implement, and manage the infrastructure or drastically increase your workload. Remember that not all reseller opportunities give you access to the communication solutions you’ll need to build a consistent revenue stream with long-term sustainability.At SkySwitch, we bring a lot more than technology to the table. As an IT reseller, you’re sure to appreciate our UCaaS platform training, branded tier-one support, and team of dedicated onboarding specialists. Our reseller startup costs are minimal, we offer the 24/7 support resellers need to provide exceptional customer care, and you can learn and deploy our services in as little as 30 days. Get started today as a SkySwitch UCaaS reseller and become your clients’ one-stop shop for communication solutions.