How VoIP Automation Can Prepare Businesses For Unstoppable Growth


Here’s a highlight from our Resellers Helping Resellers webinar where we ask our best resellers what problems their customers faced from the pandemic, how they solved it, and what we can learn from it to be even more prepared for the future.

Video Transcript:


What kind of impact, whether it was negative or positive, did COVID-19 present to your business and, if you had a negative hit, how did you overcome that? What would be the one or two things that, were present to you as a business owner? Because you’ve got other owners on here, many of whom experienced exactly what you did. So let’s start with Louie. Why don’t you give us a story there?


Yeah, I think like everybody, we had an increase in tickets, which we expected just because the way they’re going to use the system had to pivot quickly. But I looked at it as an opportunity and that opportunity was to really show the clients how flexible the system was and how fast we could implement change. To piggyback on what Dan Crabill said about his restaurants. We actually do very little in the restaurant business but our very big success story is we have a retail operation that has 12 locations in the fitness industry. And if any of you have seen the national headlines about certain fitness products, it was actually helped their business, because everybody’s at home wanting to exercise. So they got crushed with phone calls and emails and requests to their website.

Naturally, they reached out and asked, ‘What can we do here? How do we handle this? How can we better manage it?’ 

The first thing that was obvious was they just needed to turn their phones off to stop them from ringing. We were able to quickly pivot to an auto-attendant; record the message that they needed it to say, to direct them to their chat on their website, as they can’t handle phone calls right now. 

They really appreciated that. And then they had to do curbside delivery, ‘text us when you arrived’. The mobile app came in handy for that and still does. 

The volume of texts that these guys received was just off the charts. And the SkySwitch system handled it beautifully. 

All 12 locations, probably had a thousand texts a day, in and out at each location. So iit was a great success story. 

And we took that knowledge and reached out to other clients in similar situations. And we’ve heard back from all of them, just how thankful they were, that they were on this system, that they had the ability to make these changes quickly, because obviously other systems, especially an on-prem(ises) system, can’t do a lot of those things. 

The requests we’re getting now, from new clients are obviously seeing that they couldn’t pivot quickly enough. I think all of us are going to benefit from this. When you’re selling now, how those success stories like that of not just how good the system is in terms of performance, but its flexibility, and how fast you can turn features on and off and really customize it for the customer.

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