Is the Teams Connector Platform Right for You?


SkySwitch is proud to have developed an innovative, unique tool that makes connecting to Microsoft Teams with the SkySwitch platform easier than ever before. 

But is Teams Connector right for you in the first place? 

Corey Stoker, VP of Support at SkySwitch, breaks down just a few of the features that make Teams Connector a highly sought-after option.

Video Transcript:

Corey Stoker

We’re going to be looking at the Teams Connector platform today. And I want to go through the ups and downs of the Teams Connector so you know if this product is right for you or not, and I think there’s a lot of questions to be answered, as for who’s the target audience, does this interrupt my current sales? Does it give me new customers? And hopefully, we can answer all that today, plus show you what the application does. 

The Teams Connector platform is a third-party application, which is powered by TeamMate and that’s Micah and his company. 

We integrated TeamMate with our API to make it easy and simple for you to integrate Microsoft Teams. And that essentially turns Microsoft Teams into a softphone, and it’s kind of a basic softphone, but you get some added functionality within the Teams application such as portal access. 

One thing that I want to spell out about the Teams Connector is it is fully brandable, almost to a flaw. 

You can brand everything from the portal, to the emails that go out, to the customer, the knowledge base, and from start to finish – you’re able to give your customers an experience that makes it look like it’s your product completely, which is very important, obviously in our business.

 Andy Abramson

Corey, does it replace the softphone or work alongside it? 

Corey Stoker

It can do either one. It works, as you can see on the page (in the video),  so you can install Teams itself on iPhone, or Andriod, and if you do the setup on your PC or sign in to the Teams account, your PBX softphone will automatically integrate over so you can use it instead of ReachUC, mobile app. 

It is a little bit more featureless, but you get calling capabilities through the PBX with Teams. You’re also getting voicemail control. So you can do voicemail independently in Teams. You can turn that off. In fact, we typically would recommend you turn it off. Then get music on hold and some other just basic functionality; such as dial-in, dial-out, and extension dialing. 

One of the most important aspects of Teams Connector and the SkySwitch Teams Connector platform is the ability to completely brand everything you do. 

It’s your brand, your customers, your image. Often your identity is the biggest selling point to your customers and why they stay with you for so long. With the SkySwitch Teams Connector platform, you won’t have to sacrifice any aspect of your brand identity or image – it’s 100% you. 

To see more about the SkySwitch Connectors Platform, check out the full webinar right here.